16 May, 2010

"I Know - Let's Run Across the City . . . "


If your wondering why I'm off the grid today - it's because I'm on the race course. The ING "Bay to Breakers" race course to be more exact. It's a fun day - and an all day party - and a great way to see our wonderful city.

I'll be a little sleep deprived, but I've got the iPod all booked up with a collection of my favourite frantic dance music, sunscreen slathered all over me, my good running shoes, and all my best running peeps.

If you're in SF - come out and cheer! You'll see us in our navy and black team t-shirts - me and 'Varsity,' 'BK-Teri,' 'LuckyJoe,' 'Turtle,' 'J-Go,' 'NinjaBarbie,' 'RedFox,' 'Ms. Jackson,' and 'the DH.' I can't imagine better people to be with - as we run from one side of the city to the other. Yay!

Hoping for good weather,


Susan Adler Sobol said...

Wow! Did this bring back memories. I moved to San Francisco after college and lived there from the late '70s - 1984. My husband used to run in the Bay to Breakers -- I enjoyed watching the spectacle. My daughter is visiting friends and relatives in the Bay Area this week and will be there today. When you first posted that you were running I wondered if you would be part of a centipede or run in costume. I will forward this post to her. Thanks for the memories! Have fun!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Good Luck!!!!!

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