"SF Decorator Showcase, Charles de Lisle . . . "


The San Francisco Decorator Showcase is still in full swing - and open through May 31st - and our virtual tour continues with one of my favourites from the second floor - the witty, imaginative room hatched from the witty, imaginative mind of Charles de Lisle. A space cleverly deconstructed. A room that demands a closer look. A space much deeper than its deceptively simple colour story. Black. White. The shock of a brilliant citron.

And if you've ever wondered what 200 yards of black and white gingham might look like - let me introduce you to . . .

The Sitting Room

The space is just madly amazing! I think if the textile were used in a traditional installation on the windows - the gingham would have felt 'retro' - and been a little too 'present' in the room - but, conversely, because it's absolutely everywhere, it provides an amazingly modern, energetic backdrop to the incredible collection of vintage and custom furniture.

And I love these lounge chairs (designed by de Lisle) upholstered in a simple hemp twill - but, custom dyed in the most amazing shade of green. The softness of the vegetable dyed hemp area rug. The angular floor lamp from de Lisle's new collection of lighting.

And an inspired nod to the great history of San Francisco design - a pair of vintage Michael Taylor plaster table lamps rest on the mantel. The two art pieces, by Christopher Badger, flanking the fireplace read - "Wind is blowing down the mountain" and "Wind is blowing the mountain down." Yes. Stop. Read them again. It's a subtle difference. But, it reminds one to examine things more closely. To seek out every detail. Not just glance around and think you've seen everything.

Also, take a look at my friend Katie's blog postings on the Showcase House too.

We'll continue to explore the second floor tomorrow . . .


for more information on the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, click here.


Cashon&Co said…
I am in LOVE with the treatment on the walls. WOW

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