02 January, 2010

"Meanwhile, Back on Gallifrey . . . "

The Planet, Gallifrey


Well, I can only image that the Venn diagram depicting the overlapping segments of the population having a passion for classic interior design and a deep affection for British science-fiction is fairly small. In fact, my fear is that it might contain only Meg and myself. But, as this blog boasts - these are 'things which delight me' - and watching David Tennant's final episode of "Doctor Who" on BBC America this evening delighted me almost beyond description.

(and if you ARE a fan, and haven't watch the final episode, this missive contains no spoilers. just gushing praise.)

I've always been a huge fan of science fiction television - it's kinda hard to explain why. But, Doctor Who is an all-time favourite. There's something about exploring the human condition from a slightly 'off kilter' angle - like seeing humanity through the eyes of the 900 year old time lord - from the planet Gallifrey - called 'the Doctor' - traveling across time and space - with a trusty 'side-kick' - in a ship shaped like a 1963 London police call box -seriously, what could be more simple?

The Doctor 'regenerates' periodically - and thus can be portrayed by an ongoing collection of actors (10 different actors since 1963) - but tonight marks Tennant's final performance in the role. He has brought a sly, Shakespearean style to the program through the last three seasons and has helped to shape it into the sublime entertainment it has become.

Tennant with Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) - from Season 2

And Freema Agyaman (Martha Jones) from Season 3

and the sublime Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) from Season 4
(If you only know her from the hilarious Catherine Tate Show, she is actually an
actress of wondrous depth and honesty)

Though it's clearly difficult to describe, I can only recommend (if you have loads of time to spend) that you experiment with some of the more recent episodes with Tennant or Christopher Eccleston. And as further proof, one of the best examples of the series is contained in the clip below. Elton Pope, a guest character in an episode of season 2, reflects on the purpose of living . . .and they are fine words to live by - at any time - and on any planet . . .

live long and prosper,


Michelle said...

Oh dear! be still my beating heart, I love Dr. Who so much, and eagerly anticipating the new doctor and a new season. Of course, Christopher Eccleston has a special place in my heart. Anywhoo, found you via Nick O, love the blog.

Toad said...

David will always be "The Doctor" for me. sign me up as a sci fi classic design type.

Pigtown-Design said...

I loved Christopher Eccleston when he was the Doctor, but then I grew to like David Tennant, too. My favourite companion is Doctor Donna.

There are so many stories I could tell you about the filming and the places they filmed. It always kills me to see the places I knew and loved so well.

The only three words I ever really learned in Welsh were Big Bad Wolf (Bryn Blydd Drwg).

ALL THE BEST said...

I will miss David Tennant! We had friends over Christmas day and everyone had to gather around the 'telly' for Dr Who!!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Huh! I'll give it a try, if I can Netflix it. I'm only familiar with a tall, lanky sort with a huge head of curly hair. the 70's Dr.? Can't quite recall.

Did see the new Star Trek movie, I was hesitant, but it was great.

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

I'm a big fan of Dr. Who. For me, David Tennant was the perfect Doctor. He played the role huge but never over acted in a vaudevillian manner. He made it believable. I was annoyed that he left the show over a salary dispute (they could certainly pay him more, they made a bloody fortune). Thus, I watched his last show determined not to be sad. That's what I kept telling myself... I wasn't going to be sad. When he spoke those imortal words.."I don't want to go"...I started ballin like a baby! ha!

Just found you while blogsurfing for design inspiration. I am tickled pink that a talented, cultured, inspirational designer is a fan of the Doctor as well.


Landon Shockey said...

Probably my most favorite programme of all time! Patiently awaiting the new series!

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