28 January, 2010

"A Burns Night Out . . . "

"The Highlands"
150 W. 10th Street New York, New York

The Selkirk Grace

"Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat, and we can eat,
Sae let the Lord be thankit."


Whew. It was a jammed-packed tour through large portions on New York last weekend. But now, I'm back home and getting settled into my regular life. Fortunately, my six days in New York yielded more than I could ever include in one post . . . so for today, we'll start with a classic.

Inevitably, January 25th catches me off guard. What, you might ask, is so important about January 25th? Well, it is the day to remember and celebrate the Scottish poet Robert Burns with the traditional Burns Night Supper. Thank heavens for Ronda Carman (All the Best), who sent me a Burns Night greeting from Scotland - and I had to work fast to come up with the proper place to celebrate. And what could be better than the "Highlands" gastropub in the west village.

Great Scotch. Great food. Miles of tartan. Tons of poetry. And a few great friends.
Great Scottish accents. And even some haggis.

And by day - you can see the excellent interiors. Beautiful wool tartan upholstery.

Whimsical upholstery in the dining room walls with the most delicious leather banquettes.
I found this great write-up in the Village Voice from a few weeks ago - and it lived up to all the great press and accolades.

Still humming "old land syne,"

images from the Highlands website and the Phil Kline


Agoura Antique Mart said...

Great Post! Fantastic.. Maria

Karena said...

Now there is a great place to toss back a few!! Lovely images!

Kathy said...

A great place to celebrate Burns night supper. :-)

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