"Meanwhile, Back in London . . . "

Nikki Atkinson Ltd, London
Photographer Mel Yates

Good afternoon,

I'm spending a goodly part of a quiet Sunday afternoon working here at the office - catching up on paperwork and such after being away most of last week. But, man does not live by papers and invoices alone. So during a 'mental break' from the designer math, I'm flipping back through the February issue of House and Garden UK - and loving the lovely apartment of hotelier Henry Tonga in the stylish Chelsea district of London.

Perfectly balanced custom Bookcases in the living room - and - one of a set of Louis XIII-styled arm chairs

As always, the simple, clear colour story always appeals to my sense of calm. And the easy mix of antiques, classic details, and the clean modern lines of the furnishings.

(lantern alert. lol)

"I am probably a 'designer's dream,' because I know how they work.
Professionals need to be given some leeway."
- Henry Togna

-and the simple pleasures of a bespoke linen press for shirtings and neckwear.
(and, yes, that IS my heart you can hear pounding with envy!)

Okay, back to work,


Anonymous said…
Ah, those bookcases with the pediment are making me think. I'll have two as well, thanks.
Cashon&Co said…
ohhhh, that closet with those shirts...and that chair....*sigh/gorgeous!!
Love that closet/dressing room. We see so many gorgeous women's closets so it's nice to see something thoughtful and elegant for men too.
Karena said…
I still love the way a perfect lantern makes a space sing, as does art of course!
vicki archer said…
Gorgeous...pounding heart here too, xv.
Stunning, fantastic post. Paperwork is never fun. Maria
Kathy said…
I have a month or so in London. Firsts on my todo list are fish n chips and stock up on my fave UK design mags, always!. I enjoyed this article too.
Anonymous said…
Da kann ich nur zustimmen..
Can't remember how I got here...but glad I did! The last photo of the closet...ahhhh...it would work for sweaters too!
love the linen press. I hear it.

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