"Mi, mi, mi, mi, mi . . . "

Good morning,

I'm getting a really slow start here this morning and it's all Verdi's fault. As I've mentioned before, I've been singing with the men's chorus of the San Francisco Lyric Opera for about 5 years. It has always been a fun company to work for - but, I usually only do about 2 shows a year. It's a huge time commitment and usually requires about 90 - 150 pages of Italian (or French) text to memorize. Part of this spring's repertoire features G. Verdi's Rigoletto and I'm *totally* on board for this one - and just to make it better, it's got a great twist. Instead of placing it in it's traditional Italian venue, we're setting it in Chicago during prohibition. It's going to be quite fantastic. There nothing like a good 1930's mafia war set to Verdi's fantastic score.

But my mind wanders, mainly from lack of sleep (a late tech rehearsal last night), a bad night's sleep (from a twisted ankle acquired during the fight scene at the aforementioned tech rehearsal last night), and from the busy day I have before gathering at the theatre for tonight's dress rehearsal. The good news: I have a great costume (a navy pinstripe DB mobster suit) and - it fits. seriously, it's actually even kinda comfortable . . . lol.

Are there any other opera fans out there? What's your favourite opera and why?

And if you're in the Bay Area . . . Come out and see us this weekend. We open on Friday night.

back to studying my score! (and designing decorative pillows and window treatments!)


My Notting Hill said…
Sounds like great fun! Hope the ankle is better.
Mary said…
Wish I could be there - do we get to see a cast photo?

thanks, it's feeling much better this morning. of course, the funny part is - as soon as I saw that damn platform on upstage right I said out loud, "some fool is gonna trip over this thing." and well . . . lol.


I'll see if I can get all the boys together for a cast picture in all of our mafia finery.
Oh we've talked about this before -i'm a huge opera buff :-) I wish I was there to see you!
I love anything puccini the most -madame butterfly is my absolute favorite opera followed shortly by la boheme...generic, maybe -but they're so popular for a reason!

I actually kinda envy the experience of seeing a production from the audience . . . it's been so long since I've been able to see a show from anywhere but right in the middle of one. lol.

except I scored tickets to SFO's "Tannhauser" last year that was sublime.

and Madame Butterfly is glorious.
I love Puccini and I sort of hate to admit this, because it might make me sound even quirkier than usual, but I listened to some of Wagner's Ring last weekend on NPR...and I liked it. I can't remember liking it previously, but I seem to now. Have you ever done any of that??

I'm sorry to hear about the ankle and hope it's better.
katiedid said…
Ouch! Sorry to hear about the ankle! Hope you are on the mend.

Madame Butterfly, yes!

Do you know Maureen Mette by the way? The opera world is probably small like any profession.

I bet you are fabulous!!!

I've never had the opportunity to do any Wagner . . . our company's too small too wage anything that big. But, I'm a huge fan of the work. and Wagner's genius kinda sneaks up on you like that. It's amazing music.

ankle's feeling much better. just got home from the dress rehearsal and it held up just fine . . . and I've worked out a new way to get offstage during the fight scene that does involve that damn platform - lol.
Pigtown*Design said…
When I was a kid, my father did PR for a small local opera company which did all of it's productions in English. He'd take one or another of us along to rehearsals and I got to know a lot of operas really well. We also listened to the Met on Saturday afternoons as he was preparing things for dinner.

Fave? Can't pick just one.
One of these days I would LOVE to hear you...maybe on my next trip to CA.

I sing often enough that next time you're out here I'm bound to be in a performance, or show, or concert. lol.

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