29 April, 2012

"Sunday Runway, Coming Attractions . . . "


If you watched Man Men last week - then you'll have non-linear story telling fresh on your mind.  Or maybe you were a fan of Lost. Or Doctor Who.  Well.  Regardless of your television watching habits - things are happening a little out of order around here today.

You see, I'm working on (and clearly thought I would have completed by now) a jaunty little post about the great trend I saw with 'colour' at High Point Market this last week.  My little digital camera is practically full-to-bursting with brightly printed textiles . . . and rooms saturated with bright hues.

And to accompany that - I put together little missive celebrating an equivalent trend in men's fashion.

Well, I think we can all raise a glass (or your morning cup of coffee - depending on when you wonder across this posting) to the best laid plans.  So . . . I now present . . . but, coming before the thing the it was going to reference . . .

Fashion.  in  colour.

It was almost like a knew what I was going to find at Market. Because this is a fun image that I took in my hotel room as I was getting everything unpacked.  I often pack with a particular colour-story in mind . . . and this one was clearly going to be navy sweaters - but, with great, bright accessories. 

an advert for Hackett of London's Spring collection.

Cashmere hoarding - from Ralph Lauren

Swinging for the fences - with a combo of bright and brighter . . . 

Or maybe something a tiny bit more subtle . . . .


27 April, 2012

"Antiquing at High Point Market . . . "

The Antique & Design Center, High Point Market

Well, we've gotta start somewhere.  If you've been keeping up with me either here or here . . . then you're well aware of the fact that I had the great pleasure to attend High Point Furniture market over the last several days.

And I'll own-up to the fact that I arrived the tiniest bit unprepared.  It was almost like not being prepared at all . . . lol.  Having never been before, it seemed so pointless to set an agenda.  How DOES one plot a course through 10 million square feet of showplaces?  So . . . I did the thing I most often do when I'm traveling abroad.  I made a few key appointments. Checked the friends to see what they might recommend.  But, decided to let the lion's share of the weekend just happen organically.

I do pretty well when I'm just wandering.  And I tend to find some fairly amazing sights.  And it's true whether I'm in London, New York, San Francisco - or even better yet - High Point, North Carolina.

Because who might have guessed that in the back of the Market Square Building . . . past the vendors showing everything from pastel butterfly prints to leather sectionals . . . that there was an AMAZING antique collective.  With dealers from all around the southeast and from all across the country.

from Acquisitions, LTD in North Carolina
I found Acquisitions, LTD - based in North Carolina - with a parade of wondrous English and French pieces - furniture, decorative items - even that amazing collection of toys.  And you know I can't pass up a chance at a tartan dresser.  I mean, really . . .

from Acquisitions, LTD in North Carolina
Another great shot of the pieces from Acquisitions - tons of writing boxes and sporting equipment . . . and even better - they have a great website - just click the link on the caption.

Ok.  I need to apologize in advance.  I was walking through the stalls . . . and saw this beautiful chair (loving the upholstery textile!) and desk . . . took a picture . . . and can't for the life of me remember the name of the dealer.  My hope is that someone reading might recall - just leave it in the comments and I can update the post.

- UPDATE - according to one of my eagle-eyed readers, she thinks these amazing pieces are from Pink Door Antiques in Greensboro, NC.  Thanks!

from Tusk Old World Antiques
The gang over at Tusk Old World Antiques had an amazing collection of antler mounts.  If you click through the caption - you can contact them about their pieces.

from Craig Ringstad, Fairway KS
This was one of those "checking with friends to see what they might recommend" moments!   Julia Noran from Editor at Large flagged me down - with the urgent news that there was this amazing guys with a HUGE collection of tartanware pieces for sale.  So with a quick check on my map - and a 'thank you' hug to the delightful Julia - off I went.

And Craig Ringstad did not disappoint.  Great pieces - both large and small - and some amazing rare specimens that I've never seen before.  So I had to snap a few shots . . . enjoy . . .

from Craig Ringstad, Fairway KS

from Craig Ringstad, Fairway KS
But - easily the best part of my afternoon of shopping was the company.  You see . . . as I was heading off to shop - I ran into the ever-delightful Patricia Shackelford.  And she was totally game to take part in this completely rudder-less adventure.

And a better shopping companion could never be found.  Good times.

More to come,

25 April, 2012

"Greeting from High Point . . . "

Greetings Indeed,

For those of you who have missed my little missives here at ye olde Tatanscot, I've spent the last several days touring the Spring Furniture Market at High Point, No. Carolina.  After a busy weekend of great inspirations and great friends - my gas tank is a little on the empty side (mainly from getting home around midnight last night) but, the memory card in my camera is full-to-bursting with images from my travels.

So - if you'll give me a few days to catch-up on some work here at the office - and begin to organize the numerous images from the trip - I'll have tons to share with you.

If you're too excited to wait for news of the new trends . . . just start thinking "colour" and you'll have a little head start.

See y'all back in a day or so,

(one of the main trials of traveling in the south these days is that it takes about 4 to 6 days for my accent to settle back to normal.  The poor lady at Starbuck's in San Francisco this morning couldn't understand me at all . . . lol)

18 April, 2012

"SMW Design Premieres, Pt. 2 . . . "

SMW Design, San Francisco, CA


I thought I'd share a few more images of a project that we recently completed here at SMW Design.  As with the images I had posted earlier, this is actually in an office in Northern California.  Inspired by the lush green woodland nearby . . . and the clear, bright blue sky . . . the room needed to feel as broad and expansive as the outdoors.  But, with all the comforts of home.

One of the main functions was to entertain.  To sit and relax.  Even in the bustling business world, it's all about personal relationships.  And we needed to the space where those particular personal conversations can take place.  There are formal offices and conference rooms on site as well, but I love these more personal rooms.  

Enjoy . . .

A grand room - but, inspired by the more humble Arts & Crafts movement. 

There's just something amazing about a long series of doorways.  

Lush greens and olives contrasting with bright, clear blues . . . wrapped in masculine wood grains and leathers. 


15 April, 2012

"Sunday Runway, Of Wrists and Ribbons . . . "


The best part about living on this earth with myself for almost 50 years . . . is that I know a great deal about what makes me tick.  I know what makes me happy.  The things which make me cross.  And I know how much I'll begin to obsess about something as simple as a ribbon watchband.   I amuse easily.  I frustrate easily.  But, I obsess about things only with a certain amount of forethought.

You see . . . when I was a wee lad . . . well, more accurately, when I was in high school and college . . . I began to collect ribbon watchbands.  I had a simple tank-style watch and I would change my watchband every morning to match whatever I was wearing to class that day.

I had brightly striped bands of every imaginable colour combination.  Some purchased specifically for a particularly coloured sweater.  Or to match the hues of a favourite plaid shirt.  Or sometimes I would just buy them somewhat randomly . . . and they would sit idly in my bedside drawer until a certain morning arrived . . . and then - out it would come.  Perfect.  Resplendent.  Flawless.    

I can even clearly recall a particular watchband is a bright yellow and blue paisley silk . . . I think I had ordered it from Talbot's . . . that had a matching yellow and blue paisley bow tie.  I still remember the first time I wore it to church.  To say that I took a certain amount of pride in my wardrobe was somewhat of an understatement - lol.

But . . . after many years, and varying watch styles, apart . . . I've started back with these little treasures.  There's just something I love about greeting each new morning - and making a certain ritual out of choosing a watchband.  Thinking about the day.  And finding the perfect one.

Like any part of design . . . it's the almost microscopic details that make the magic.  The perfect tape trim running along the leading edge of a drapery treatment.  The hand-chosen fringe framing a pillow.  The sparkle of a chrome hinge on a french door.

My New Watch . . . 

So we're off again - and here's one of my new favourites.  Run through a simple Timex watch.  Grosgrain ribbon in a fancy shirting stripe.  Matching the various hues of a madras plaid patchwork shirt and charcoal cashmere cardigan.

It's only been a few days . . . and I've already purchased over a dozen watchbands.  As new obsessions go, it's a good start.

- If you want to start your own collection . . . check with Brooks Brothers or even J. Crew.  Both have a nice selection in their stores.


11 April, 2012

"Jaunty . . . and Joyus . . . "


A few weeks back - my good friends over at Joyus.com called to see if I wanted to take part in a little challenge that they were hosting.  And you know I ALWAYS love a little challenge - lol.  They were inviting several designers and design bloggers (two groups that I'm completely delighted to be included in!) to visit their studio.  We were all given the same empty, blank space.  And also all given the same collection of various furniture pieces, lighting, and accessories from H.D. Buttercup.  What follows is a great variety of styles and ideas from an amazing collection of folks here in the bay area.

Take a look at the process . . . log in - and lend me a vote - and be in the running for a $1500 shopping spree from Joyus.com.

Here's a little peek at the process . . .

One of my first inspirations for the space was light.  The studio had these amazing skylights and exposed venting - so I positioned the mirrors to capture all the light . . . and reflect the amazing architecture of the ceiling.  After that, I wanted to keep the colour story fairly simple.  A charcoal grey velvet sofa.  A beautiful greek-key inspired over-sized cocktail table.  I wish the rug had been a bit larger - but, I was working with only the items that we had to chose from.

An over-view of the space. 

Layering accessories and colours.  

Of course, I had to create a gallery wall . . . lol . . . I mean seriously!  But, I needed to balance the collection of artwork on the back wall with a much simpler art display behind the chair. 

Thank heavens Joyus had provided fresh flowers for us to chose from . . . nothing brings a space to life faster than the perfect posies!  

All in all - I had a great time . . . and it was fun to be on camera again after my adventures with the Dog Show a few months back.

If you have a moment - I could use a vote or two . . . lol . . . I'd kinda forgotten about working on this . . . and now I'm WAY behind in the voting . . . lol.



10 April, 2012

"SMW Design Premieres . . . "

SMW Design, San Francisco CA


Well, well, well.  We're just kinda pleased as punch to share a few images of one of our recently completed projects here at the office.  At first glance through these images, you might not immediately realize that these are all part of an extensive commercial project that we've been working on for the last 3 years.

One of the main reasons that I was brought into the project was that after the original build-out had been completed, it still had a uniquely 'commercial' vibe to the space.  Some of the textiles were a little too 'contract.'  The colour story was certainly too safe.  And because most of my experience had been in residential work - they needed me to bring that certain 'home' feeling to the office. 

This was not going to be one of the often-spoken of high-tech offices - the ping-pong tables and a walk-by juice bar.  No.  We wanted something much more sophisticated.  More luxurious.  Reception areas that were completely free of any sense of 'lobby.'  Good business is all about creating trust and friendship.  And creating that 'environment' has been a delight.  

Enjoy . . . 

Check back in over the next few weeks . . . as we continue sharing images from this excited project.


08 April, 2012

"Sunday Runway, Easter Details . . . "

All images from HERE.


I would like to take a moment to wish you a happy Easter Sunday . . . and for those of you getting up early for Sunday services . . . a few ideas as we begin to transition our closets and wardrobes over into Spring colours . . . enjoy . . .

Happy Easter,

all images from HERE.

07 April, 2012

"Tartan Revisited . . . "

from Rue Magazine, Holiday 2010
(image by tinywater photography)


If by some odd chance you're just returning from a desert island . . . and you've missed the various reports . . . I'm having a sale over on One Kings Lane this weekend in celebration of National Tartan Day (April 6th).  Whenever one is selling items that have been part of one's home, it's a struggle.  Much like a favourite house guest that's stayed a bit too long - you're glad to see them go.  But, you'll miss them.  So, in memory of things past . . . I'd love to give you a little history on a few pieces that are for sale . . . 

The Oval-Backed Chairs

My little house, last year at Christmas. 

I feel like everyone knows and loves those little oval-backed chairs upholstered in Diamond and Baratta tartan.  When we were getting ready to shoot the house for Rue Magazine in 2010 - two of the chairs that were supposed to be in my dining room were damaged in shipping . . . and these two little darlings were quickly upholstered and added to the mix of chairs.  

Here they are on the far side of the table . . . from another dinner party that same holiday season.  They're incredibly comfortable, even during long dinner parties . . . with a charming blue linen-velvet upholstered in the seat.  Because of their smallish size, they could be adorable in a bedroom - or you could use them as I did in your dining room. 

The Chartreuse Arm Chairs

I actually found these at an auction years and years ago and spent a small fortune having them restored.  They've been in the house in some form or another ever since.  In the early days, when I photographed my home for Ronda Carman . . . ta-da - there they are - still upholstered in foliage printed velvet with their original caned side panels.

But things rarely stay the same around my little house . . . 

So here they are . . . half-way to being re-imaged in bright chartreuse silk.

And now ready for pick-up and delivery to the house from my upholstery shop. 

The Tartan Tea Service

Like most everything else in my home . . . this one has great memories attached to it as well.  You see, I was in England, Wales, and Scotland in the Spring of 2002 for a month-long vacation.  It was one of those trips where I just began dog-earring pages in all my favourite travel books . . . and then figured out a route that would take me to each of them.  London.  Glouster.  Chester.  York.  Edinburgh.  Aberdeen. Inverness.  And so on.  But, the day I was supposed to leave York and head north to Scotland, there had been an over-night storm that had closed most of the train service - and one could only travel in case of emergencies.  (well, my emergency was that a small antique store in Edinburgh had this tea service on hold for me - I had been speaking with them via phone for months)  So, I kinda fibbed a little.  And boarded a bus from York going north.  Needless to say . . . this little tea service has served me well for many years.  I bough several pieces that day - so don't fret - I still have plenty of reminders of that trip at the house.

The Framed Hunt Scenes
Another pile of fond memories.  I found this charming collection of framed hunt scenes when I was with my mother . . . traveling through southern Alabama on one of our famous antiquing trips.  Mom would sometimes pick me up from the airport in Jackson, Mississippi - and we wouldn't drive north towards our home . . . but, we'd head east to Alabama to antique shop for three of four days.  The long drives in the car gave us a great chance to chat and catch-up . . . and our chatter would be punctuated with stops in Daphne or Foley, Alabama to search for antiques that neither of us needed - but, both of us found great pleasure in shopping for.  As I've often said, I firmly believe there is a 'shopping gene' . . . and it runs on my Mom's side of the family.  

The Tartan Arm Chairs

These are a little hard to part with too . . . but, I'd love to see them go to a new home . . . and be part of new celebrations each holiday season.   Like my other two arm chairs, these used to be upholstered in a somber black leather with tweed backs.  Until two years ago . . . when the house practically exploded with colour for the Rue Magazine shoot.   I could see these as part of a beautiful entry way, maybe flanking an antique console . . . 

There's my good friend William and me . . . from the Rue holiday shoot. 

So . . . if you haven't had a chance to hop over and peruse through our little One Kings Lane sale . . . there are many things to chose from - and give a tartan chair a good home.


(all items were still available for sale at the time of this posting) 
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