"O, Sweet and Joyous Blogspot . . . "

" . . . how I have missed thee."

Good morning all,

Sorry I've been a bit 'radio silent' for the last week or so . . . the good news is that business has been really great, and the opera production was a blast.  The draw-back was I seemed to have almost no time to blog . . . either reading or writing . . . lol.

But, I'm feeling all bright and shiny this morning (just home from a great workout), working from home today,  and thought I'd share some of these amazing bright, perky interiors that I found digging around in my image files.

I traditionally don't use very much yellow in my design work, but these beautiful rooms are making me rethink that position.  Seriously, how beautiful is this elegant room?

And I always love the addition of a graphic zebra skin, just to keep things interesting.  And the dark woods and chocolate velvet just adds to the drama.

I just read somewhere (please don't ask me to try to find it at this point . . . sorry) that yellow is on track to be the next big colour in design for Spring 2010.  Maybe we should all get ready to live in a much more bright, shiny world . . . yay.

I should be getting some proper images from the opera production and I'll post them as soon as they are available.

I'll take Susan's advice (from the first comment) and ask - what interesting talent or hobby do you love.

I'll go first - I sing opera and fence.


Thanks for sharing the perking interior images from your files. I love the ceiling in that first photo.

that is so cool that you sing opera. I look forward to seeing the photos. Hmmm... a good question to ask bloggers, what talent do you possess other than blogging?
Mrs. Blandings said…
That image, top, is one of my all time favorites. No yellow! That is Blandings sacrilege.
Mrs. B-

I LOVE people who are passionate about their colours!

I feel the same way about blue. lol.
Kathy said…
Hi there, these are beautiful images, big yellow fan here, it's such a happy and elegant colour, looking forward to seeing your opera photos, glad you had lots of fun, Kathy.
Jill said…
Love the shot with the zebra rug.
I adore yellow! This is such a happy post!

As you know, I've not been my blogging self lately either. We'll get back in the swing of things before long.

By the way, I haven't made it to the P.O. yet. Don't get too excited! I'll let you know when I do!
Hey GSG,

Good to hear from you again. I wish we weren't on opposite sides of the country, 'cause I know we'd be able to help each other out with all this design work . . . lol.

Yes, let me know when it's on the way so that I can keep an eye out. yay.
I think every room needs some bright cheerful yellow. Love the images.

I like doing art, performing by myself (lol) single ladies perhaps - I need to keep my inner hushie mama on top (lol), and my passion will always be designing.
Pigtown*Design said…
I never had any yellow until I moved to my current house. Now I have a lot and love it.

I prefer gold to yellow, red to orange, purple to lavender. How in the hell do we get this way. What makes us say "Ick"/ "love" without even processing? Oh well. I took up building stone walls at 40 and now at 60, it is still a passion. It amuses my husband that I, so verbal, now stone wall. About opera and fencing. Have you done both at the same time?
That first photo is sooo charming. Love it.

I have done yellow rooms for clients, but have none in my house. Candidly, with my particular colouring, yellow makes me look rather enbalmed.

Other talents...? Hmmm. Knitting, baking and finding bouquets of four-leaf clovers.
home before dark,

I actually HAVE fenced on stage in a few of our productions . . . lol.

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