29 March, 2011

"Style, Remembered . . . "


The young man from Mississippi was just 14 years old - and he always loved Saturday morning.  It meant several things.  Firstly, it meant that there was no need to awake early for school.  No.  The young man from Mississippi would awake to a much different schedule.   

8:00 am.  First request from Mother that he get up.

8:14 am.  Follow-up request from Mother that he get up.

8:29 am.  Final request (and really, we all knew this was the only real wake-up call)

8:34 am.  Breakfast.  Scrambled eggs.  Bacon.  Coffee (with lots of cream and sugar)

8:48 am.  Breakfast finished.  

8:50 am.  Bathroom visit.

8:54 am.  Second cup of coffee (again, with lots of cream and sugar)

8:55 am.  Meet Mother back in the den.

8:56 am.  Turn on Television.

8:57 am.  Settle into the loveseat.  Gather pillows and a light-weight blanket.

8:58 am.  Build nest from the aforementioned pillows and blanket.

8:59 am.  Get comfortable.

9:00 am.  CNN.

God I loved this show.  And that it meant spending time with my Mom watching Elsa.  Magically bringing style and fashion from around the globe into our little den in rural Mississippi.

Does anyone else remember watching this every week?  Is it just me?


28 March, 2011

"Keep Calm and Free Associate . . . "

The couch of Sigmund Freud


Get comfortable on the little sofa.

Clear your mind.  

Just let it wander.  

And for heaven's sake . . . 
Stay calm. 

Jonathan Berger, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Francesco Lagnese)

Mary Douglas Drysdale, Washington D.C.

Miles Redd, for Elle Decor 
(photo credit - Simon Upton)
Roger Banks-Pye, from Inspirational Interiors

Windsor Smith, from House Beautiful
(photo credit - Victoria Pearson)

SMW Design, Nob Hill Residence
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

Tobi Fairley Deisgn, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Francesco Lagnese)

SMW Design, Presidio Heights Residence 
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

Barry Darr Dixon

SMW Design, Four Seasons San Francisco

That will be $300 dollars please.

25 March, 2011

"Set Those Alarm Clocks . . . "


I can't believe it was only a year ago.  On a beautiful March evening last year - when I went to this amazing party - to celebrate a new beginning.

The fine and talented ladies of One Kings Lane, Susan and Alison, had the bright idea to host a weekly series of online 'tag-sales' featuring items from some of the most famous designers in the world - and thus the "Tastemaker Tag Sale" was born.  Giving an international cyber-audience the chance to shop directly from those famous names that we all know and love from their books and published projects.  All you have to do is log on Saturday morning - and start shopping.  Even if you're still in your pj's.

It seems like only yesterday we were gathered to hear the announcement . . .

*the music begins - and as if from a dream state - images float past the screen*

Ronda Carman, Alexis Traina, Scot Meacham Wood, Susan Feldman, and Alison Pincus
at the One Kings Lane "Tastemaker Tag Sale" launch party.
March 2010.
Susan Feldman and I.

Alison Pincus, Ken Fulk, and Susan
George Brazil and I
What an amazing year it has been.  And this weekend the merriment continues!   One Kings Lane's Tastemaker Tag Sale features two good friends, and fellow SF designers - 

Suzanne Tucker

and Jay Jeffers

So - make sure that you set your alarm clocks for Saturday morning - 11am for you folks on the east coast, 8am for those of us here on the west coast.  For y'all in the middle, you'll have to do your own math - lol.  


24 March, 2011

"Dirt Envy . . . "

from Southern Accents.

As a big city dweller, there are many things that I enjoy about my life.   I can usually see all the new art films as soon as they are released.  (btw, go - and I mean go NOW - to see Jane Eyre.  Seriously good.)  I can get chinese food delivered in less than 30 minutes with a phone call to the place around the corner.  And San Francisco boasts more than two competitive fencing clubs within its city limits.  Now, I've not darken the door of any of them in over three years - but I very easily could.

But, that's not my present obsession.  It's Spring.  And I wanna get my hands dirty.  Like my days as a child in Mississippi - playing in the yard.  Helping to plant the garden.  Tromping adventurously through the acres of forests behind our house looking for dogwood trees beginning to bloom.   All the while, trying to avoid walking through the spiderwebs that were billowing between the trees.

And here within the citified boundaries of my current existence, no such experiences seem to present themselves.  There's no rough hewn shed awaiting me - with seed packets.  With masses of terracotta pots .  Or a collection of barely matched mucking boots.  I miss the sight of my own footprints in the early morning dew.  The feel of peat moss.  The threatening sounds of bees getting closer.

Perhaps, I've watched a bit too much of The Fabulous Beekman Boys over the weekend.  Or maybe I should attack the two tiny window boxes outside the citied kitchen window and try to create some magic this weekend.


22 March, 2011

"Uptown Downstairs Abbey . . . "


For all of you who have been waiting with bated breath for the second season of "Downton Abbey" . . . . this, sadly, is not going to be it.  But instead, what the UK has brought us is a delicious parody of the popular series - as part of the "Red Nose Day" charity telethon.

Giggle and enjoy . . .

If you would like more information on the "Red Nose Day" charity - click HERE.


21 March, 2011

"SMW on the Simplified Bee . . . "


Just so pleased to be interviewed by Cristin over on the Simplified Bee today - go over and have a look!


19 March, 2011

"Please, Do Not Disturb . . . "

Barry Dixon, for Metropolitan Home


Saturday - high temperature  50 degrees, with steady rain.  Sunday - High temperature 54 degrees, with steady rain.  If you're looking for me this weekend.  I'll be in bed.  Resting after a busy, busy week here at the office - and hopefully sleeping off the last lingering remnants of my steady, lingering cold.

And if one is in the mood for a long afternoon of simple napping - there's nothing quite like a canopy bed.  Just that luxurious feeling of safely.  And comfort.  And the proper amount of decadence.

Which is your favourite ?

Phoebe Howard, Atlanta Showcase House.
Lush and amazing.  Bright and embracing.  

Miles Redd, for Elle Decor 
Or maybe something a bit more exotic? 

Charlotte Moss, Kips Bay Showhouse
(image from New York Social Diary)
Classic and feminine.  As one would only expect from the lovely Charlotte Moss. 

Celerie Kemble,  from House Beautiful  (photo credit - Don Freeman)
Totally loving the gray and lavender colour story.
And the scalloped edge detail on the window and bed hangings is marvelous.

SMW Design, San Francisco

But, this is where I'll be.  My own little bed out by the beach in San Francisco.  
We've got nothing but damp, blustery weather forecasted all weekend.  
With any luck, I'll never even see the outside. 
Napping quietly,

16 March, 2011

"Gratuitous Nudity . . . "

Academy Award Winner, Colin Firth.


Well, I had to find some way of getting you all to peruse through some amazing bathrooms!  I'm working on several projects at the office that are going to involve re-designing (or at least re-imagining) numerous bathrooms for clients.  

Designing bathrooms are always a challenge.  The specifications are usually quite technical.  But more importantly, the rooms are incredibly personal.  They is most likely the first room we each see in the morning.  And the last we see at night.  And frankly, we're in these rooms when we're naked.   A badly designed bathroom can be amazingly sad.  But, if beautifully done - they can be divine.

Enjoy . . . 

Barry Darr Dixon, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Edward Addeo)
Beautiful tile work.  Great faucets.
And I love the use of the drapery treatment in the space.

Paolo Moschino, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Simon Upton)
Intrigued by the unusual use of the hutch in this bathroom.
And I'm almost always 
a sucker for a free-standing bathtub. 

Johnny Depp

Dransfield & Ross, for Elle Decor  
(photo credit - Simon Upton)
Great re-imagining of the console as a vanity.
And love the dove gray colour of the casework

SMW Design, Atherton Residence
(photo credit - Eric Tagan Hooten)
A little corner in a project in Atherton.  We ended up
having to retro-fit the 
mirror on this adorable antique bamboo table.  

Neil Patrick Harris, television and broadway actor

John Jacob Interiors
Again - the blessings of a free-standing bathtub.
And a fireplace.  And great artwork.

Joe Nye, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Roger Davies)
Masculine.  Clubby.  Great lighting.
And I
love that mirror.

Bradley Cooper, television and movie star

SMW Design, Tahoe Residence
(photo credit - Eric Tagan Hooten)
A great little bathroom as part of a guest
suite at a Tahoe vacation home.  

Mari Ann & Michael Maher, for Elle Decor
(photo credit - William Abranowicz)
And how amazing is this antique sofa as part of the bathroom.
And oh, to have that much space!
Don't forget to scrub behind those ears,

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