"Is there a butler in the house?"

Good afternoon all,

I'm curious, who out there uses a cleaning service for your home regularly?  Who can't even image having someone in your home to clean for you?

Personally, I have someone (the delightful George!) come in every other week to deal with the basic cleaning of my flat.  no laundry.  no bedding.  no dishes.  Just kitchen and bath cleaning plus vacuuming and dusting (dust being the principle enemy of my home.) 

It is slightly disruptive having someone in the house . . . and inevitably, I end up kinda straightening up the house before he gets here.  No quite "cleaning up for the cleaning service," but sorta . . . lol.  Because of my crazy schedule these last few weeks, I ended up not having him in last time, and damn, the house has totally gotten out of control.  

So today (and possibly part of tomorrow) is all about reclaiming the lovely home that I treasure.  Laundry, dishes, fresh bedding, clean towels, and a clean, organized desk.

Maybe George should bring reinforcements on Wednesday ?


Renée Finberg said…
you are just darling !

that is the way i use a housekeeper too.
the heavy CLEANING only....i can do the bedding etc.

love the images.
Unknown said…
right there with you, tartan. my girl comes in every other a week to do the kitchen, the bathrooms, and mop ALL the hardwood floors, as i refuse to spend my life cleaning up fur. i do my own dishes and laundry (i prefer to anyway), and yes, i declutter tues evening before she arrives on wednesday.
red ticking said…
i have an amazing guardian angel who comes to my home... i spend at least an hour cleaning before she arrives... and make myself almost nuts... and then ahhhhhh the magic happens and i am so happy. speaking of sheets???? hope you are well....
The greatest luxury in my life is having my amazing housekeeper twice a week - she cleans the whole house, does all the laundry, towels, bedding, straightens cabinets, and so on. I have three children and a dog (that sheds constantly), and I upgraded to twice a week once the dog joined the family last year.
columnist said…
I am totally spoiled - a maid everyday Mon-Fri 1.00pm till 6.00pm, so no I don't do everything before she arrives! (The joys of living in Thailand.) She had an extended holiday in mid April, and was away for about 10 days, which was a salutary reminder of how much she does and how good she is. She's very sensitive to our "space", so always goes about her tasks with the least disturbance to anyone else in the house, but we did enjoy that aspect of her absence.
Michelle said…
I've often thought about it, but am really private that way. I'd be frantically cleaning before they got there. I guess that is a form of getting it done though :)

My windows and yard need work.

Good thing to be so busy that you need help!!
Well, I am one of the wackos that would rather do it myself. Too private, too particular...? I don't know. I've never had a cleaning person, but I always know when I am in my mother's house just after her lady has left. I walk around placing everything back at the correct angle!
Dumbwit Tellher said…
Crazy enough, I have trouble with a bit of a guilt complex. I feel if I am capable, then I should take care of my own mess. Besides my husband is from Scotland, & I know he wouldn't want to spend the money!!
Linda in AZ * said…
* I would liken our wonderful, "special person who takes care of us", to somewhat of a "Saint"!

And, it MAY be a little like "labor pains" initially, but then there's the big payoff if you can get thru that "initial pain"! We'd be lost without her (!), and we respect & treat her like our own family. Sooooo,I suspect we've just been BLESSED for the last 4 1/2 years, and we DO appreciate that blessing!
Warmly, Linda in AZ *
I couldn't get by without Erni's help twice a month. Leaves me time to do the laundry, cook, etc. for us all.

Took some getting used to, though.

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