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" . . . and better things."

Good evening,

It's been another one of those surfin'-the-internet-sipping-English-tea kinda evenings here at the house . . . and YAY,  I just ran across some images (originally from Domino Magazine) of my old friend Michael Bastian's witty apartment in Manhattan.  Michael and I worked together billions of years ago when I was still at Polo in San Francisco and Michael was in New York with RL Home Collection.

I remember loving Michael's quirky style 10 years ago!  and I've always loved his NY apartment.  There is just such a great mix of flea market finds and 'more serious' furniture and artwork carefully mixed together.  I was so crushed when the Domino website closed, because there used to be the most adorable video of Michael leading a tour through his charming place.  

Michael's moved on since those old days and now is a big player in the fashion world with his own men's clothing line.  I always knew he was destined for great things.

I hope everyone has great plans for the weekend.  I have one last concert on Saturday with my chamber choir . . . and then I can hang up my vocal chords for a few months . . . whew . . . lol.


Anonymous said…
love your blog, i view it everyday and have never made myself known through a response. is it rude to read and dash? i feel like a literary freeloader at times. keep up the good works and know that you have a million silent majority freeloaders out here. kathi
I can definitely see a RL influence in his work. I'm going to go check out his site now. Isn't it fun to rediscover an old friend! I hope your weekend is relaxing and full of fun!
Mrs. Blandings said…
One of my favorite apartments ever. Truly.
How funny that it's such a small world and you know him! I LOVED This apt and it inspired my salon-style art wall! It holds a special place in my clipping files :-)
Mary said…
I will have to revisit this story -love the art......it is my goal for my church to take on the Grand Salon look...baby steps, baby steps.
Loving you blog

You're are always welcome to stop by and read . . . and here's a big 'thank you' for doing both!
A perfectly gorgeous place.

Derby party.
Mint juleps.
Oh Pamela,

I actually giggles out loud when I read that . . . lol.

have an amazing weekend and wear a big damn hat!

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