"Ooooooo look . . . "

" . . . something shiny."  lol.

I, in fact, can be somewhat easily distracted.  But, thankfully, I am also somewhat easily entertained - lol - and one of my secret joys is . . .  cleaning and polishing silver.  Don't tell anyone.  It only makes me seem strange.

from the tartanscot table

I've been collecting silver for years - starting on a mad, silver-frenzied Saturday morning at the Portobello Antique market in London during my holiday vacation. Over the span of about 2 1/2 hours and four blocks, I was able to find service for fourteen from ten different vendors in 4 or 5 differing patterns.  Including some great serving pieces with my monogram.  Yay.  I've also been lucky enough to continue adding to my collection over the last few years and delight each time I find some new odd treasure.

I also use it everyday.  for everything.  My friends always ask if it bothers me to have to polish it all the time, but truly, by using it everyday and washing it promptly, it doesn't need polishing all that often.

According to sterling.com - "Sliver should be cleaned immediately after use, especially after contact with food that may cause corrosion or contain acids such as eggs, tomatoes, mayonnaise, or salt.  Many people are concerned about their silver tarnishing, but if you use it everyday, it will actually tarnish less."

silver for grand dining.

and silver for cold pizza, breakfast cereal, and 
home-made grilled salmon with fresh vegetables.

oh, and I love ironing sheet.  please, don't tell anyone.


I have to agree, I love domestic chores like these -they're so calming! I don't iron my sheets but I do iron my pillowcases which I change 2x a week (that adds up!). I should use my silver more often...great reminder!
I may just have to quit reading your blog. It's just not good for my heart! I ADORE silver. These images and your shopping adventures are enough to send someone running to the nitroglycerine! I whole heartedly agree-use the good stuff. Life is too short!
kathleen said…
As a child, I used to polish our silver on the weekends. My parents never let on that this might be unusual. I used to lemon oil the furniture, too. We had a daily cleaning woman who did all the ironing, or else, I would have been making the linens look good. I seriously like doing that stuff. It's a good way to tune out.
I always love the sense of completion when doing 'those chores' - the drawers of freshly polished silver, the shelves of neatly folded laundry, the joy of freshly ironed sheets, and the taste of freshly baked bread.
Unknown said…
I think that we must be twins separated at birth...I love using my silver everyday and I iron for relaxation and I get cranky if I don't have ironed sheets to sleep on...LOL. You have a great silver collection. Thanks for your comment on my Blog. Wishing you a Happy Easter Weekend.
All the Best,
Scott, In recent years I replaced my everyday flatware with my silver flatware. Why save it for those "special" occasions...heck every day is special! I, too, love ironed sheets but must admit I don't seem to have the time so I just iron the pillow cases!

The "chore" that gives me satisfaction is raking the yard. Talk about instant results and gratification!

Happy Easter! ...susan
Laura said…
I love that mint julep cup-ish vessel that you have the green roses in! Where on earth did you find it (probably some random vendor in an antiques market, but I figured it couldn't hurt to check).
Are you me?! Nothing makes me feel happier than polishing silver, ironing with my Occitane lavender linen spray, baking a fresh loaf of whole grain bread and listening to a bit of Erik Satie or Dvorak. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but now I know that HE is clearly the odd man out!

Let me know when you're coming to LA and I'll save some silver for you to polish...:)

it's a date. lol.
Blue Muse said…
You are so totally speaking my language :) There is something so relaxing about polishing silver, and the perfect table looks stunning with the results. Food tastes better when served on a beautifully set table, even if you are eating alone.
I iron my sheets and tablecloths, too... with lavender water ... memories of a southern upbringing!
Happy Easter to you. Have a wonderful weekend.
xo Isa
Studio News said…
Call me freaky too! I love polishing my silver...in fact I use my silver flatware daily! Always seems to amuse people why I don't just trot it out twice a year at some holiday...:)

Ha. I fellow sheet ironer. I love to iron, but don't tell anyone. And is there anything better than crawling between freshly ironed, lavender scented linen sheets??
Anonymous said…
Please share - what do you use to polish your silver? How do you handle areas where tarnish collects - raised borders, floral designs, etc. Love your blog!
Love this post. We're mentioning it on our blog today.
Anonymous said…
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