"I'm gonna need a show of hands here . . . "

" . . . and possibly your credit card numbers."

Good morning,

This post will prove why I should not be permitted to surf the internet in the evenings.  So last night, I'm here at my flat, minding my own business, watching a bit of HGTV for mindless entertainment, and happened across an advertisement for HomeAway.com.  It's an online service for vacation rentals around the world.  Well, you know what comes next - 

So, here's a wonderful little flat in South Kensington, London.  Here are the salient facts: 2 Bedrooms.  2 Bathrooms.  Sleeps four.  And we could stay here for 2 weeks for 4 grand.  Do the math - that would only be $1,000 for each of the four people.  Who's in ?

We could enjoy an early evening by the fire, before we head out to the theatre.  

and we could each take turns making breakfast . . . I do make a damn fine scone.  I know the neighborhood fairly well . . . there's a great little market right around the corner for pantry supplies.   And, the rental includes housecleaning service as well.

One of the two charming bedrooms . . . with a balcony  overlooking the private park.

We could always enjoy our afternoon tea out on the patio.  Reading Shakespeare.  Singing Gilbert and Sullivan.  Comparing notes on the best antique stores.  

Or we could just enjoy an afternoon in the private park across the street.

Please submit your applications directly to me . . . lol.  


Anonymous said…
We're there buddy. What a find!
Anonymous said…
Jeez, doing the math, that's cheaper than the Spartan little hotel I stayed in Earl's Court last fall. We're leaving when? We can still catch A Little Night Music before the production opens on Broadway later this year, Helen Mirren's doing Phedre and Jude Law's doing Hamlet. Where IS my passport...?
Wow -count me in! how fun would that be :-) Design blogger vacation!
You know, I'm a given on this one! I'm ALREADY there!

No, seriously, that would be one FABULOUS blogger get together don't you think?

I'm game!
Laura said…
Consider my application submitted. That works out to less than my rent in New York!
What a find and great math to boot!
A blogger get together - mmmm tempting!
Pigtown*Design said…
Count me in!

A couple of years ago, we were looking at the Landmark Trust to rent a place in the UK. We found that we could rent a castle in Scotland for about $500 each for 8 people for a week!
Ben Jones said…
I'm in, Scot! How sad that I live three blocks from you, and I'll have to fly to London to see you!

When do we leave? You know I make damn fine breakfast...
columnist said…
That's a very good price, but I was stung by a rental through their sister company - Holiday-Rentals.co.uk in October last year. Home Away is a rental portal, but they do not protect you from the owners of the individual properties. In fairness, this one may be fine, and you can usually establish this by making sure there are good reviews. I had to take my owner to court, and luckily after 4 months got my deposit back, which he was withholding, (which was a scam he was perpetrating against anyone living outside of UK). Read all about it here: http://realworldrental.blogspot.com

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