31 August, 2014

"Sunday Runway - Rowing Blazers . . . "

Will Satch, Shiplake College Boat Club 

Ok clearly - this is kinda right in the middle of the wheelhouse.  Rowing Blazers, the new book from Jack Carlson, debuts on September 2nd.  I received an advance copy this week - and can assure that it is EVERYTHING one would hope it would be.  Great photography.  Great style.  And great history.

Take a look . . .

"Classic American style was born in British boathouses, where the very first 
blazers were fashioned for college rowing clubs. This book, created by champion 
rower Jack Carlson, offers an insider’s guide to the elaborately striped, piped, 
trimmed, and badged garments, as well as the stories, elite athletes, historic clubs, 
and races associated with them. Featuring lush photographs by “prep” 
guru F.E. Castleberry, Rowing Blazers is a definitive visual feast, transporting 
readers to the highly atmospheric boathouses, campuses, and team rooms of clubs 
around the world. For anyone who has raced the rivers or lined the banks, this 
handsome ode to the eye-catching, evocative rowing blazer is a must."

Constantine Louloudis, Eton College Boat Club

Colin Smith, Oxford University Boat Club

Paul Bennett, Max Gander, Ollie Cook, Jamie Cook, and Rory Buffachi - University of London Boat Club 

The author - Jack Carlson. 

Rowing Blazers, by Jack Carlson

29 August, 2014

"Coming Attractions . . . "

Steve Finn Photography
Greetings all!

Yes.  After a hectic and productive couple of weeks . . . I'm back in the saddle here at Tartanscot.  Swing back by this weekend - I've got a whole lotta fabulous to share with you for this week's "Sunday Runway" post.

Until then,

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