29 April, 2011

"Enchanted . . . "


From a very groggy day at SMW Design. Been here at the office most of the day - on about 4 hours of sleep (from 4am to 8am!) but wanted to share some of my favourite images of this morning's wedding.

So - let's take things in some kind of order here -

The Dress.

I loved the dress.  It almost felt like a combination of two of my favourites, Grace Kelly's dress & the wedding dress from The Sound of Music.  (you can see them both here.) Traditional yet still modern.  And it highlighted her incredibly beautiful figure.  And the fact that it was from the house of fashion designer Alexander McQueen was a huge tribute to British fashion.  Well done. 

The Pageantry.

This might be one of Britain's major exports - lol.  All uniforms and marches and national pride - no one on Earth puts on quite the same show!  But, I also love the intimacy that was still clearly present in the service.  I've actually had the privilege of attending worship services at Westminster Abbey when I'm in London - and in fact - I usually sit just behind the musicians in the Quire seating.  And even though the space is clearly massive - the experience still feels amazingly personal.  

The Abbey.

Okay, coming from someone that regularly fills his home with multiple trees each and every Christmas - I just about lost my mind when I saw this.  Seriously.  It felt imaginative and brought an air of enchantment to the entire service.  Love. 

The Couple.

It all seemed perfectly charming.  And personal.  And at times almost humorous.   I wish them well - and hope that we all (myself included), get caught up on our sleep!


28 April, 2011

"It's Just a Few More Hours . . . "

Greetings -

Well, I guess I'll see y'all on twitter or maybe facebook or somewhere festive in the wee hours of Friday . . .

Until then -


27 April, 2011

"Interior Design Train-ing . . . "


Since a great many of us have royal weddings on our collective minds, I thought I share some of my own thoughts about weddings . . . and dresses . . . and also design . . . remember, as we proceed proudly into the future - the entire history of design follows behind us . . . 

So - here's some interior design advice . . . from the center aisle . . .

Just because it's simple, 
it doesn't mean it isn't amazing.  

Not every fierce wind is the enemy.
Be prepared for moments of magic. 

Be yourself.  Even if it means 
wearing a bird on your head.  

Keep your eyes forward - but, don't 
forget to turn and acknowledge the past. 

Be unique . . . 

. . . Because you always know 
what works best for you.

Remember - sit down.  Don't forget that your 
body and your soul need nourishment.  

And always be kind to those fine folks 
who support your creativity.  
You'd be lost without them.

Toasting the royal couple,

25 April, 2011

"Indoor. Outdoor. Indoor . . . "

SMW Design, East Hampton Pool House
(in R. Lauren Patio Stripe Indoor/Outdoor fabric)

Been shopping this week - with a very particular focus on indoor/outdoor textiles.  And let me assure you, these aren't your mother's outdoor fabrics!  Gone forever are the stiff, board-y fabrics that felt more like a body scrub than a poolside chair.

So many of these versatile fabric would be perfect for any indoor use as well.  Personally, I've used them  to upholster sofas in the family room, and they can be the perfect answer for hard working dining chairs!

Here are a few favourites from last week's shopping:

Ralph Lauren "Patio Stripe" (available through Kravet)
Perennials "Hissy Fit"
Perennials "Row Stripe" (in Sea Grass)
Pierre Frey "Hossegor" (in navy)

(click on any of the "names" for more information.)

Miles Redd, New York.
From House Beautiful.
SMW Design, Presidio Heights - Outdoor Dining.
SMW Design, Presidio Heights Outdoor Dining
(with Rug from Ballard Designs)
Joe Nye, from House Beautiful 
Michael Smith, for Elle Decor.
Don't forget the sunscreen,

23 April, 2011

"Happy Easter . . . "

Me.  in the mid-1970's.
First Methodist Church, Mississippi. 


And Happy Easter to everyone.  (btw, yes, I have the most vivid memories of that over-sized navy gingham shirt.  as well as my favourite cream linen blazer.)


19 April, 2011

"Cabin Fever . . . "




(pre-recored voice)  "Greetings.  Thank you for calling The Adventures of Tartanscot.  Unfortunately, we're not here right now.  If you need immediate assistance, you can find us relaxing at our over at Bubble & Squeak today."  Click HERE.

We'll be right back,

18 April, 2011

"Monday's Giggle . . . "


Some days you just need to giggle.  Today is just such a day.


14 April, 2011

"Studying . . . "


Quite often I'm asked from where these little musings come.  And, of course, there's rarely an easy answer to that question.  Sometimes it's an interesting trend that I've noticed in a design magazine.  Or a movie or concert that I've recently seen.  But, most often, it's directly connected to things happening here in the office.

Sometimes we're measuring for light fixtures.  Sometimes I'm toiling at my desk, designing custom furniture for a client.  And clearly, sometimes I'm just staring at the grass outside - lol.

But, for the last few days I've been researching traditional English studies and libraries.  I have two current clients in need of the classic style and easy elegance of these amazing spaces.  A place to retreat from the hectic day.  Escape into an amazing novel.  Or just sit and survey the memories of a lifetime of travel.

Chatsworth House, 1995

SMW Design, Nob Hill (photo credit - Nicolas Smith)
Ralph Lauren Home Collection, Fall 2008
SMW Design, San Francisco(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

The Library of Gil Schafer
Duff House, Scotland
Ralph Lauren's home, from Architectural Digest
(photo credit - Durston Saylor)

SMW Design, San Francisco
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)
Darin Geise, for San Francisco Magazine
(photo credit - Philip Harvey)
SMW Design, Nob Hill  (photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

12 April, 2011

"The Beekman Boys in SF . . . "

Dr. Brent Ridge, Scot, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, and Drew


The Fabulous Beekman Boys.  As a former country boy that now lives in the city - I'm delighted by these city boys living on a farm in upstate New York.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Josh and Brent (otherwise known as "The Fabulous Beekman Boys") last weekend here in San Francisco.  They've been traveling the country - signing copies of Josh's book (and absolute favourite of mine) and meeting the many fans of their reality show.  

And I can report that they are both as charming as you might expect.  Easily chatting with the throng of folks who had come by Williams/Sonoma on Union Square to meet them.  And, hell, they'd even made cookies for everyone.  Shortbread.  Amazingly good.

If you're not familiar with the guys - you're missing one of the best new show to come to TV.  It's about their life on the farm.  And building a new retail brand.  And co-staring the narcissistic llama, Polkaspot.  (The llama alone is reason enough to watch.  lol.)

The show started its second season a few weeks back - but, you can start watching tonight on Planet Green.


08 April, 2011

"The Grass is Always Greener . . . "


Sometimes design inspirations come from the simplest places.  It can be just as easy as opening your front door.  And then opening your eyes.

And behold . . . .

SMW Design, East Hampton Residence
(photo credit - Scot Meacham Wood)
Sheila Bridges, New York, NY

"Do, Re, Mi."
 from The Sound of Music
SMW Design, Mountain View Residence
(photo credit - Eric Tagan Hooten)

"The Green Room"
The White House, Washington DC

Sherrill Canet, New York NY
Ralph Lauren Advertisement, from 1984
SMW Design, Presidio Heights San Francisco
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

Jon Hamm and January Jones, from Mad Men

South Hampton, NY.  June 2010
(photo credit - Scot Meacham Wood)

Kelly Wearstler 

Oscar de la Renta for Lee Jofa
Design by Miles Redd

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