21 June, 2017

"The Tartanware Has Arrived . . . "

We here are Scot Meacham Wood Home are delighted to announce a new shipment of Victorian Tartanware Boxes has arrived at SMW Home.  These wee treasures dating from over 150 years ago have always delighted me.  They are the perfect mixture of Scottish history, the decorative arts, and a time-capsule of the Victorian lifestyle.  One of the best-known creators of these tartanware mementos, W&A Smith began custom-painting papers with clan tartans and then varnishing the sheets onto Mauchline wood boxes - creating the well-known Tartanware Boxes we know today.  In true Victorian fashion, these mementos celebrated the classic 19th-century lifestyle.  There were tartanware containers hiding a tiny compass, small boxes to carry one's snuff , and endless variations on stamp and pill boxes. Because the Victorian loved games - cribbage boards and playing card boxes were also very chic! 
Hop over to Scot Meacham Wood Home and explore the entire collection!


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