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The new issue of Elle Decor is absolutely bursting with inspiration . . . but, something about the charming residence of Ali Wentworth and George Stephanopoulos in Washington D.C.  has me entranced.  

Brilliant designer Elizabeth Martin (close friend of the lovely Wentworth) was clearly at the top of her game whilst assisting the couple with their new digs.

Another image of the dark (and you know I like my rooms dark . . . lol) and masculine family room - nicknamed "The Godiva Room."  Loving all the bright sunshine too !

Firstly, a clearly started caveat - I'm not a regular Oprah show viewer.  Not that I have anything against the clearly talented Winfrey, it's just that my schedule doesn't permit me to be home in the afternoons . . . and I'm not willing to commit precious TIVO viewing time . . . lol.
But, I caught Ali on the show on Friday talking about her home being featured in the magazine.  
One of my favourite comments was her story about the wonderful floor covering in the living room.  Apparently, the budget was beginning to run low so Wentworth simply coloured the existing sisal white, then designed the lavender 'starfish-like' patterns to help disguise the existing stains.  Brilliant!

"When it came to the dining room, I didn’t relish the thought of Republicans and Democrats (our entertaining is strictly bipartisan) slurping up linguine and clams while they stared at paintings of fox hunts amid an explosion of flowered chintz, which is pretty much the Georgetown standard." Ali Wentworth

"The office’s table and chairs are flea-market finds, the mirror is from the Brimfield Antiques Fair, and the wall color is Winter Solstice by Benjamin Moore."
And, o.m.g - I want that armchair chair.  seriously.

Clean, simple, and stylish.  The master bedroom.

Also, whilst you are working your way through blogspot . . . zip over and wish a most happy birthday to Ronda (All the Best Blog) and Eddie Ross.  


Linda in AZ * said…
* So glad I just "discovered" you! G & A's home is so incredibly, beautifully, understatedly & elegantly "UNdone"... I'm enamored with it's casual references to an undeniable serenity & elegance in their daily lives... you just don't SEE that everyday. It quietly "speaks" volumes to me. They really know "who they are"~~~

Linda in AZ *
I loved the interiors when I saw them myself! I know the house well from the exterior, it's a block away from my office. I see george on his way to the gym everyday LOL (so short) but handsome!.
The last few days I have been having for lunch Elle Decor - so much inspiration yum! It is so healthy and doesn't get you fat (lol)

The entrance table in the 1st picture is my favourite.
Hey Ivan,

I just love the mix of pieces . . . some clearly flea market finds, some clearly serious antiques, and a great collection of contemporary/traditional furniture.

and I ALWAYS have a great deal of respect for people with huge book collections . . . lol.
THANK YOU!! I picked up my copy for the plane and I agree, it's a great issue! I too am in love with this home. I have looked at it over and over again!!!
Oh my stars...those rooms are some of the most charming I've ever seen...just gorgeous.
Topsy Turvy said…
Great post – ha! I'm sorry I missed the Oprah interview - wish I had known!

Anonymous said…
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