"Pale, Parisian Monday . . . "

Good morning,

Monday seems to be looming over me a bit this morning.  I've got another busy day with design meetings, furniture deliveries, some web-site work, and a long opera rehearsal this evening.  whew.  I'm amazed at how quickly my calendar tends to fill up.  lol.

So, this morning calls for the big guns.  A flip through the new Veranda is going to be a necessity over breakfast.  And look at what I found -  this incredible Betty Burgess designed home just down the road (well, kinda) from me in Pebble Beach, Ca.

Seriously, look at the amazing floors.  Who wouldn't want to spend a long evening enjoying an amazing meal and delightful company in this charming room ?  The design was inspired by the owners many connections with Paris.

Regarding the pale colour palette :  "Grey goes with everything." Burgess says, "and it's calm.  We wanted the whole house to feel peaceful, to have texture.  Grey captures the natural colors of the coast along Pebble beach.  It also showcases the home's remarkable antiques and artwork, without competing."

"The home's master bath offers a real surprise - what the architect Richard Barrett calls 'minimalist modern' style - inspired by the Hotel Le Bristol in Paris.  'It's my favorite room,' says the owner.  'With all that marble and white linen, it's like being in a cloud.  The light is so beautiful' "

Or we could just go and sit outside.

and just to make Monday a bit better . . . how excited am I about THIS.


Blue Muse said…
I have been swooning over this since my copy of the magazine arrived - it's just beyond dreamy, isn't it?! Love it, love it, LOVE IT.
Happy Monday!
xo Isa
Unknown said…
Serene, tranquil, dreamy, peaceful - yes I'd say they nailed it.
Happy Twirls
I do love those chevron floors!
Happy Monday to you.
Really cool! Love the phrase about gray - people often forget that they are warm grays and cold grays or grays with colour on them.
You've made my Monday better with this post even with a sinus infection!
Hello from Canada! I'm having California Week and you are part of my star-studded line-up today!
Paul Pincus said…

ps mr. peacock's profile/interview was amazing. you have an insanely great eye ... and great personal style! loved it.
I agree with Mr. Pincus, great interview, beautiful digs and very stylish shots of you. That was fun.

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