19 December, 2019

"And the Winner Is . . . "


I cannot begin to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity in sending in so many beautiful pictures of their homes this Christmas season.  I've had a chance to share some of them here - but frankly - it was amazingly overwhelming.  

But, I suspect you've come here to find out the winners . . . 

So . . . away we go . . .

Front Door

Brian Branton - from Alexandria, Virginia 

You can follow Brian's beautiful home
on Instagram - HERE

Dining Room

Tommy Bader - from Rye, New York

Please feel free to follow Tommy Bader HERE.

Christmas Tree

This year . . . we had our very first 'tie' in any category!  
So, I'm pleased to announce TWO winners . . . 

 Shirley Stankus - from Chapel Hill, NC

And you should follow Shirley in Instagram HERE.

And -
Brian Branton, from Alexandria, Virginia 

Congratulations to everyone!  And a special thank you to our celebrity judging committee . . . Shay Geyer, Benjamin Reynaert, Michael Devine, Sophie Donelson, and Danielle Rollins.  

Happy Christmas y'all . . . 

12 December, 2019

"More Amazing Entries . . . "

 Alice Cooper, North Carolina


I have a few more entries in our SMW Home Holiday Decorating Contest to share with you . . . they are coming in quite quickly now - as the contest ends this weekend.  Check here for more details on how to enter your own home -

Sean Farmer, Georgia

 Jan Colvin, Kansas

Marcie Millholland

 Kathy Byrne, Colorado

Leon Matterson-Watts, Utah


11 December, 2019

“Christmas Dinner for Two . . . “

One of Drew's collection of vintage London Owl Company 
owls does duty - guarding the dessert service! 


Each and every year I want our holiday celebration (and decorations) to feel new and fabulous.  This year . . . I kind of created a back-story.  Since the room where we have the tree is somewhat formal . . . and wanted the decorations to feel especially wild and 'fresh-from-the-forest.'  

Our tree (though purchased at one of our local tree-lots just by the house!) was filled with over-sized pinecones and numerous vining berries and five or six kinds of evergreen branches.  Very of early in the planning stages, I decided not to put *any* ornaments in the tree.  If I couldn't find it in the woods - I did't want to use it.

For the table . . . it was another mixture of old and new.  I truly wanted to use pieces from my Mother's collection of Rose Medallion China (which she collected her entire life!) and a few vintage pieces of my Blackwatch china mixed in.  Pinks and amethysts and Grandmother's sterling certainly gave our dinner table a particular family glow!

I also wanted to debut one of my new textiles - Staveley Park Trellis - this year.  It was inspired by Mother's china pattern - and certainly brought a fresh point of view to the room!  

I hope you're having a incredible season . . . and thank you for taking a few moment to share mine.

Happy Christmas,

09 December, 2019

“Trees, and Tables, and Doors . . . Oh, My . . . “

Laura Gabriel, Colorado 


Our SMW Home Holiday Decorating Contest is in full swing - thank you all for the lovely images of your homes!  I'll try to get more pictures posted this week!  

Here are a few from over just the past couple of days!  Our Celebrity Panel of Judges is certainly going to have to tough time picking the winners!

Leon Matterson-Watts, Utah 

 Loretta Turner, Texas

Loretta Turner, Texas 

Marlis Bennett, Texas 

Ron Carrier, Louisiana

Happy Christmas,

03 December, 2019

"SMW Home Holiday Decorating Contest - First Entries . . . "

 Paula Angermeier in South Carolina


The holiday season is off to a rollicking good start with the first entrants to our SMW Home Holiday Decorating Contest.  You can learn how to enter the contest yourself - HERE - and we will continue to post entries over the next few weeks . . . so watch this space for some delightful inspiration!
 Crystal Detamore in Virginia

 Jonathan Tait in Louisiana

 Jonathan Tait in Louisiana

Ok y'all . . . let's keep these entries coming . . .


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