"Whew . . . "

Good morning all,

It's been a long couple of days here at the house.  But, YAY!, the shoot when really well last night (I'll post pictures later in the week).  But now, I could use a quick vacation. (unfortunately, my work schedule is not going to permit one . . . lol)  so this morning, I'm running away to a wonderful summer in France.

This charming 13th century chateau is near St Cyprien on the Dordogne River.  It belongs to friends of the director of my chamber choir and whilst the group was on tour in France in 2000 . . . it served as our home base for over a week.

I can't tell you how amazing it was to awake each morning, stumble downstairs to scalding hot coffee with cheese and baguettes, and sort out the day's entertainment to fill the time before singing that evening's concert.  Some days were snooping through antique stores, some days were canoeing on the Dordogne, I think we must have toured every castle in a 20 mile radius, and one day the whole group sang the complete score to Gilbert and Sullivan in the music room.  It remains one of the best summers of my adult life.

Where do you go when you need a mental break ?


red ticking said…
so glad it went well... put your feet up, take a few deep breaths and then move forward... take time for yourself today... you deserve it.
Wow, that place looks amazing! Have any other pictures of it?? I would love to see more!

Just have a few meetings this afternoon then I gonna be right back in the bed . . . lol.

Let me see what I can find . . . I know the interior has never been published. I've got some other images that I took around here somewhere . . . let me dig around.

Yes, it was an amazing place. kinda magical.
Oh, gee! Looks like you had to rough it! You poor, poor thing! Maybe your next "vacation" won't be quite so taxing!
Oh, you're killing me!

My escape hatch leads to Scotland. And thanks for the hint....I just might go there over lunch!
The place you're going is absolutely idyllic! I want to go there right this minute! My favourite place is Stroud (one of the Cotswold village in England). It's very colourful, artistic and bohemian! They also have amazing farmers' market.

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