"Happy Tartan Day"

Good morning,

You'll need to sit back and relax, this one is gonna take a while, lol. April 6 has been declared National Tartan Day to recognize Scottish/Americans across our nation. And well, I'm also going to claim it to celebrate my affinity for tartan. I often wondered where my great love of these traditional clan plaids comes from. But, grandfather's from Scotland, so it might be genetic? lol.

Ralph Lauren's "Noble Estate" collection. Fall 2008.

in my own study.

Ralph Lauren "Modern Duke"

the ever stylish Lapo Elkann.

at the RL "Mansion" during the holiday season.

My own home a few years ago during Christmas.

part of my shamefully extensive china collection. lol.

Tartan on the runway.

and you can only begin to imagine how much I love the holiday season. This is my study a few years ago for my holiday cocktail party.

More tartan kilts on the runway.

Cozy tartan.

Denton/Gardiner's amazing work at Glenfeshie Lodge in Scotland.

Dolce and Gabana Advert.

Ewan McGregor. being especially traditional.

From my collection of antique tartanware. Including a collection of Robert Burns poetry.

No, this isn't my car. But, hmmmmm . . . . .

"HTD!" Happy Tartan Day.

My sincere wishes for a great Tartan Day, and my huge thanks to GrannySmithGreen for interviewing me in her new "Inside the Designer's Studio" series. Granny is always such fun to work with and I'm honored to be featured on her site.

Now go and wear some plaid.


I had no idea -our own scottish american holiday! And I didn't even wear any plaid :-(
Tartan love to you kind friend! Didn't we have fun. Thank you so much for all of the beauty and inspiration!

(Great pic of the Scot himsef--in all your tartan glory!)

Happy Tartan Day!
Pigtown*Design said…
Did you see the pix from the "Dress to Kilt" event in NYC a few weeks ago? Also, what's the story on the tartan teacups? they're very cool.

LadyeLisa said…
I always know I can find inspiration on your blog . . . but now I even find "what to wear today" assistance. Yay! HTD!
*madly image googling 'Dress to Kilt'*

oh my, the tartan china. it's from several different china houses : Royal Grafton, Adderley, and Old Standard (?). There are a few others as well that I've never collected. Most of what I find are parts of the tea service, but I've found some marvelous dinner service as well.

I remember when I saw that first of those china cup/saucers. I circled it in an antique store for a goodly part of an afternoon . . . cause i KNEW . . . "if you buy this damn thing, it's going to be like opening Pandora's Box. lol"
Being of Scottish descent myself, naturally it is my favourite fabric. I use it whenever I can, and I am always amazed at its versatility. I realize how much I am influenced when I see the photograph of Glenfeshie and notice how much it resembles my own bedroom!

Marvelous interview at Granny's!! The painting above your sofa is one of the best things I've seen in days!!

Happy Tartan Day to you!!
Sandra said…
I love, love Tartan. All of it!! When I was a school teacher {for 33 years} I wore it so much that my students would say "I saw an outfit that looked just like you." Plaid of course ;-) One of my fave outfits of all was a Blackwatch skirt, yellow cardi sweater with ribbon trim, lt. blue oxford cloth shirt, with my tasseled flats {old} from Brooks Bros. And I loved GSG's post about you. You are amazing! Genius! Your designs take my breath away - and make me want to burn down my house ;-) haha.
Okay now, 101 . . . I'm going to have to openly forbid you to burn your house down . . . lol.

thanks for stopping by . . . and thanks for your sweet comments as well.

tartan forever !
Hey Pamela!

I do love that old painting as well. and, yes, I think shades of Glenfeshie are inhabiting several homes around the world. Ward and Christopher are clearly geniuses.
Dear Tartanscot,

Hello from Aberdeenshire. I love this post. Do you ever have a chance to look at Jeffery Banks' book on Tartan, Romancing the plaid. It's such a beautiful stylish book. I just love the interior decor you did for your cocktail party. And what a handsome man you are indeed!!!
Teacats said…
Strong family ties to Scotland -- Mum was born in Burns Country (Kilmarnock) and my Dad's father was from the North (Stonehaven) -- they met during the War in Prestwick. Love the plaid - my own old old kilt was made with the family's Ancient Hunting Stewart! Love your blog!

Cheers! Jan at Rosemary Cottage
to me,
the 'The RL Mansion' is what the 'playboy mansion' is to a straight man.

love your posts.
Hey Jan!
thanks for stopping by. Most of my family is from the Aberdeen area. Beautiful country up there.

I feel the same way . . . though I love the store in London as well. lol.
Go back to England and tell them there that Scotland's daughters and her sons are yours no more. Tell them Scotland is free. - William Wallace

I'm a Campbell (maiden). love the post.
oh Laura,

*sniff* that actually made me tear up a little bit.
red ticking said…
love tartan... i have a huge tartan ballgown...and you have to snag that car... it is so perfect! love love love the post with gsg....so amazing...no doggie for you! he he
Scott, I am of Scottish decent and had no idea there was a national holiday. I will remember it next year! I am mad for plaid! Love your blog and Mississippi!
Anonymous said…
Good Afternoon,

I'm enjoying your blog.
I like Tartan and I have a
shameful amount of China, also.


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