"It's the weekend . . . finally . . . "


Just a quick envy-filled post this weekend featuring another great weekend getaway - David Linley's delightful French retreat in Provence.  

I've always been such a fan of Linley's work, and have a few treasures that I purchased at his shop in London.  I can still remember, 10 or 15 years ago, seeing images of his small, almost magical, flat in London. (Does anyone know if these are available anywhere . . . I can't remember which magazine they were in . . . ugh!)

"He  and his wife have furnished the houses very personally, with pieces that come tagged with a memory, the name of a friend or of a place they have visited—“things we’ve collected and even made,” says Linley."

“I didn’t want it to feel ‘done,’ but rustic; it wasn’t to be a complete and finished design,”

I love this restful master bedroom . . . and the charming, casual photos of Linley and his mother Princess Margaret.  Classic English design.

"Also in the room is a Linley model of Villa Cornaro,
 a Palladian villa in Italy’s Veneto region, that serves as a fanciful jewelry box."

"As to why he chose this landlocked property rather than more obvious choices in France with expanses of blue sea, like the Côte d’Azur or Biarritz, he looks across the landscape at fields and forests that fall away into other fields and forests, all tumbling into the distant panorama. Waving his hand at hills sculpted by the late-afternoon sun in light and shade, he says, “This is my sea.” "

if the world were in its proper order - this would be my weekend . . . lol.  But, unfortunately, I'm off to the office to catch up on the pile of paperwork that doesn't seen to end.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Mary said…
"envy " is an understatement. Thanks for an inspiring glimpse into the lives of one lucky couple.
katiedid said…
Sigh. ME too! I love that collage of hats....and pretty much everything else too. Have a great weekend!
I think that we all need a house in the Provence. There is not doubt that David Linley is very talented.
LadyeLisa said…
I ADORE that first picture! It just invites you to pick a hat and go for a walk. Great idea!
Laura said…
Good god I just love that dining room. And the light throughout the home is quite stunning.
Kathy said…
I have just been enjoying your blog, it really is exquisite. The Lindley's home in Provence is stunning, I am in love with their dining room. We try to catch a couple of performances at SFOpera each year, La Traviata is our all time fave with Madama Butterfly a close second. Hubby is from Glasgow, I am a Londoner (with a passion for design) and we now live in San Fran, so your blog is pretty perfect to us. Kathy.
Anonymous said…
I think that we all need a house in the Provence. There is not doubt that David Linley is very talented.

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