08 April, 2009

"Black and white . . . "

" . . . and chic all over."

Good morning. For some reason (maybe the great weather we've been having, or thoughts of being back at my East Hampton project), I've had a bad case of "Country House" on the brain these days.

and these are two of my favourites; Ken Fulk's cottage in Napa and Stephen Knollenberg's retreat on Lake Michigan.

I'm really loving the dramatic use of black and white combined with the casual attitude of a weekend getaway. and, seriously, what a great entry table !

ah, the simplicity of it all.

"I wanted to take the house back to where it began, un-muddy the lines, make it a cool expanse," designer Stephen Knollenberg."

quirky and perfect.


Anonymous said...

Inspiring! And I love that big painting with the dogs in the fourth picture.

Renée Finberg said...

what a great space !!
i love every inch.

Anonymous said...

Love them...I'm so ready to be taken away

Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

I agree with M loving the painting with the dogs, it is rich yet playful. Also love the double black doors and a few other things! :))

Anonymous said...

what a great space !!
i love every inch.

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