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"A Tale of Tartans and Waffles . . . "


When Drew and I were back in Mississippi visiting my mother in the hospital several years ago, our red-eye flight mixed with the long drive to my folk's house meant we were stopping at a Waffle House along the interstate for some much-needed food.  When we were just about to dig into some of their famous waffles, a large group of hunters came in - also in need of some breakfast.  There was something fascinating about the mixture of olive & black camouflage and the orange safety vests that really intrigued me.  I made a mental note and finished breakfast.

This scene came back to me when I was working on my collection of custom designed tartans for SMW Home. I began by mixing a murky olive, black, and bright, caution orange together . . . then, I added in a few hints of clear blue and a pinky, rose that recalled the morning sky.  Thus, Winston Tartan was born.  Certainly a more modern mix of colours for a tartan - but, all in a very classic Highland style. 

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