30 November, 2010

"Tartanscot Holiday Contest . . . "


Well, the holiday season is finally here!  So let's have some fun during the month of December.  For those of you who have been long-time readers, you'll know how MUCH I love decorating for the holidays.  The smell of fresh cedar.  The feel of pine sap on my fingers.  Maybe some holiday music on the stereo.

Since you've all seen what my place looks like this holiday season - I really want to see what y'all have been up to . . . So, I'm pleased to announce the first annual "Tartanscot Holiday Decorating Contest!"

There are three categories that you can enter :

1)  Christmas Tree ( lights.  ornaments.  creativity. )

2)  Dining Room ( it's one of the best times of the year to entertain.  Let's see that dining table! )

3)  Fireplace Mantel.  ( let your imagination sparkle! )

How to do it:

1)  Decorate your home. 

2)  Take digital photos.

3)  Email your images (along with your name and address) to "Tartanscotcontest@gmail.com" 

But, don't think it will just be me here - throwing darts at the wall to see who's going to win.   Tune in on Wednesday to meet our panel of Celebrity Judges - a collection of designers and bloggers from around the world.  

And it's not just for bragging rights - images of the winning entries will be posted here on Tartanscot during Christmas week - and I'll also be announcing our special prizes for the contest later in the week.  

Now, for the small print:

Contest begins on Monday November 29, 2010 and ends at 11:59
p.m., E.T. on Thursday December 16, 2010. Winners 
will be announced on December 21, 2010.

The contest is open to both interior designers and 
design enthusiasts who want an opportunity to showcase
their work in the 'Tartanscot Holiday Decorating Contest'.
Submit clear photographs (up to a maximum of three photos)
of each room designed by you to (tartanscotcontest@gmail.com). It
can be either your own personal home or a home designed by you for a
client, just as long as it is your OWN work.
Photograph from every angle, including close-ups and special details. 
Images should be no larger than 1MB and in jpg format. 
Provide your full name and address.

Cheers and best of luck,

27 November, 2010

"Once Upon a Time . . . "

on Post Street

Once upon a time - a very, very long time ago - there was a 
young man from Mississippi named Scot.  And for many, many 
years he worked for Ralph Lauren -  
designing and installing the store's display windows 
in the magical land of San Francisco.  He was younger and 
thinner than he is now.  But, he was full of passion and a great love of style - 
which he still is to this very day.

Each year he would wait.  And wait.  And wait.  
He would look at the calendar almost every day.
"Is it time yet?"  "Is it time yet?"

For he knew very well, that beginning the 
first day after Halloween - he would
begin to install the holiday windows 
for ALL the Polo stores in and around San Francisco.

This was his favourite time of the year.

on Post Street

Now, many people would complain as he began to install holiday windows the first week of November.

"Christmas already?!?!?!" would be the daily outburst.

on Post Street

But Scot would try to tell everyone, "It takes SO long for these magical windows to be created. We must start 
early so that we can be finished by Thanksgiving."

But, no one seemed to believe him.

Corner of Geary and Stockton

So everyday Scot would go to each store.  
Working 12 to 16 hours each day.  Everyday.
Including weekends.  Dressing mannequins.  
Making enumerable wreaths.  Building sets for windows.

on Geary Street

Slowly.  Each day.  The stores began to transform.
It was very hard work.  And some days he would be cranky.

"It is very hard work creating magic."

And he would go home each night - 
and sleep for a few hours - before going back to the store.

on Grant Street

One day he heard someone say, "Happy Holidays!" 
on the street outside the store.

on Grant Street

And slowly, people would begin to stop and 
point and smile at the holiday 
creations taking shape in the store's windows.  

on Kearny Street

And finally, after weeks of work, on the 
Wednesday before Thanksgiving - 
everything was perfect.

on Post Street

And after everything was completed.  
Scot would give himself a treat . . . 

He would walk around the streets and 
byways in the magical land of San Francisco,
and see what everyone else had been 
doing whilst he'd been working.

on Post Street

And everyone on the street was smiling.  
And wishing each other Happy Holidays.
And he hoped that his little contribution 
helped make the magical land of San
Francisco just slightly more magical.

Th end.

I decided to begin my holiday celebrations a few days early.  So on my way home from the office on Wednesday, I grabbed my camera and relived those old days - wandering the city streets to see all the holiday windows.  Sometimes I miss being able to work on the holiday windows.  

Be sure to be back on Monday - I've got an exciting announcement.  


All photography, Scot Meacham Wood for "The Adventures of Tartanscot."

24 November, 2010

"Happy Thanksgiving . . . "


Happy Thanksgiving y'all.  It's truly just been an amazing year - so please be sure to take a few moments over the weekend to recognize all the blessings in your life.

If you'd like, feel free to leave a comment of your favourite "thank you" for this year.


image from etsy. 

22 November, 2010

"Plaid is the New Black . . . "


Okay.  Seriously.  Could I *be* any more excited about the great photo shoot in the newest issue of Rue Magazine?  Y'all should all know by now much I love the holiday season - and entertaining at my home - and to have Rue capture the fun - "thank you" does not begin to cover it . . .

Please click over to enjoy the complete new issue  (with a 19 page spread of my place dressed for the holidays on page 238) . . . or - maybe THIS will entice you even more . . .


21 November, 2010

"Breathe In . . . Breathe Out . . . "


It's been a kinda long week.  And if you've had anything close to the hectic flurry of activity that I've had, we could both use a few moments of quiet and reflection.

So, click play (from easily one of the best film scores of all time) . . . and look at some pretty pictures . . . sometimes, it just helps  . . . lol

photography by Eric Hooten

Interior design by Megan Rice Yager
photography by Luca Trovato

photography by Eric Hooten

photography by William Waldron

Interior Designer Barry Dixon


19 November, 2010

"DIFFA's DbD @ SFDC . . . "


This is gonna have to be a quick one - I've been out of the office a good part of the week (feeling a little under the weather) and need to catch up on a ton of work.  

So, here's an enormous helping of design wonderment and a flurry of industry insider acronyms . . . the DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) big fundraiser, Dining by Design (DbyD), took place this week at the SFDC (San Francisco Design Center) . . . .

Here are a few shots from the "Table Hop & Taste" on Wednesday evening that opens the two day event . . . 

The Design Center's Galleria Building is such a perfect place for the event.
The four storied atrium space allows a view of all of the tables - and the great
image of the big party on the main floor . . . 

Designed by John Lum Architects.

constructed entirely of corrugated - almost like a giant series of paper dolls . . . 
have a look at the photo below - taken from the second floor - and get
a better idea of the amazing design.

Great to have Ralph Lauren Home participating this year . . . 

And a serious festival of textiles from Kravet.  
What better way to host dinner than with a upholstered chairs, table, and
custom designed bento boxes.  

And it wouldn't be a San Francisco Dining by Design event without
a healthy dose of drama.  And this year Steven Miller Design certainly filled the bill.
His "Exotic Bird Cage" was amazing.  And who doesn't like a bit
of performance art with dinner.  


all photography Scot Meacham Wood

16 November, 2010

"Kravet Inspired News . . . "


Just so pleased and proud to have one of my articles featured in the new edition of Karvet/Lee Jofa's Inspired News.  Click over and find some of my ideas for Fall decorating.


15 November, 2010

"Henri Cartier-Bresson at the MOMA . . . "


A beautiful weekend here in San Francisco - and a delightful Sunday afternoon spent at the MOMA exploring the exhibition of the photographs of Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908 - 2004).  An extensive exhibit of over 250 photographs and ephemera are on display through January 30, 2011.

"Visitors who do not yet know Cartier-Bresson's work - or do not realize how often they have seen it - will find an education here, not only in photo history but also in the timing and the judgment of framing, position and occasion that make unforgettable pictures possible.  Those skills were rare in the "modern century" when Cartier-Bresson personified them. The ease and dumpability of digital photography promise to make them ever rarer as the postmodern century unfolds."
                                                             Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle

"The creative act lasts but a brief moment, a lightning instant 
of give-and-take, just long enough for you to level the camera and 
to trap the fleeting prey in your little box."
Henri Cartier-Bresson

And if that's not enough - there's always just the simple joy of seeing Yerba Buena Park - with the MOMA in the distance . . . and being so close to the heartbeat of the city . . .

For more information on the exhibit, click HERE.  


13 November, 2010

"There's a Plaid Front Moving In . . . "


Like many of you, I tend to spend a certain amount of my weekend doing a little online holiday shopping.  And frankly,  it's been a productive day - so I thought I'd share a few 'finds' in keeping with the 'tartan-sentiment' we like to keep around here.

Delicious Wool and Cashmere Throws

The perfect Brodie Tartan Weekender Bag!

Ralph Lauren is always a great source . . 

And totally loving the tartan-trimmed 
Palmer Bedding - also from Polo

Maybe something for the ladies . . .
the rainy season is upon us!

And, of course, the guys will need something to wear too!

And, believe it or not - beautiful tartan china, by Jeffery Banks

And WHO wouldn't want tartan cupcakes 
at their next holiday party?

And speaking of fabulous gifts - anyone please feel free to order this for me.  Extra - Large.  Thanks!


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