31 October, 2012

"High Point, Fall 2012 . . . "

whenever hanging out (as we were at the Hickory Chair Showroom)
with Ronda Carman and Shay Geyer - hilarity will clearly ensue. 


I wanted to bring you some highlights of my recent trip to High Point Furniture Market . . . a week-long event launching the new lines of furniture and accessories from almost every manufacturer you can imagine. 

Oh, and frankly, there are some great parties too.

So here . . . in no particular order . . . and a few highlight of High Point

The Hickory Chair Showroom

Thomas O'Brien, for Hickory Chair.

Loving the new collection from the amazing Alexa Hampton!  Classical details.  Graceful proportions.  And tons of drama. 

A quick pic with my sweet friend Alexa.  Besides her style and creativity - one of her best assets is her vocabulary.  Seriously, if you get a chance to meet her . . . just say 'hi' and ask her a question . . . and then . . . let her talk! 

A part of the new collection from Suzanne Kasler.   Beach-inspired.  Finely detailed. And great American style.

More from Hickory Chair - new pieces from Mariette Himes Gomez.
The Pearson Furniture Showroom

You know, I always love a good dining bench.  It's a great way to section off and define a dining space, when it's part of a larger room.  

I seemed to see a great deal of shagreen.  Including this marvelous chest from Pearson too! 

And I LOVE this little chair . . . and frankly, I love the tone-on-tone chinoiserie inspired textile just as much.  Love! 
The Bernhardt Showroom 

One of my biggest 'issues' with High Point . . . is that it's simply enormous.  And one can never take in the entire place.  So, for me, sometimes I wonder if I'm actually spotting a trend . . . or just seeing things that I adore.
So take this pronouncement with a little grain of salt . . . but . . . 

. . . I seemed to see a great deal of brass everywhere.  One reason for the aforementioned 'salt' is - I love brass finishes.  My office is mainly in a polished nickel . . . but, my home in mostly brass.
And I'm loving this almost 70's inspired space.  And those brass open-bookcases are MARVELOUS! 

And I seemed to see a great many over-sized mirrors.  Whether you're in the design biz or not, you should know that mirrors are your best friends.  They create depth and space where none might exist.  And they do wonders for lighting. 
The Parties . . . 

With Ronda Carman and Tammy Connor - at the Rizzoli Book-Signing . . .
Ronda was there promoting her new book Designers at Home  that features the private homes of interior designers (including both Tammy and me!)  

Me and Christian May - two people who are often confused for each other.  This photo was sorta just to prove that we were, in fact, not the same person!

With Newell Turner (editor-in-chief of the Hearst Design Group) at the Hearst Party . . . 

And super-charmng Corey Jenkins . . . at the same event! 

and this might give you a little idea of the madcap atmosphere at the Hearst Party.  Piles and piles of people - and all having a great time! 
Until next market - cheers,

30 October, 2012

"Thoughts and Prayers . . . "


Just wanted to send out my prayers and good thoughts to all my good friends and readers on the eastern coast.  Hang in there.  Stay safe.


28 October, 2012

"Sunday Runway - Bearded . . . "


Just to mix things up around here a little bit . . . I thought we might spend a Sunday every now and again taking a closer look at not just the 'fashion' of men's fashion . . . but, also a bit about the industry as well.  So . . . let's begin our conversation with 'the beard that launched a thousand advertising campaigns.'

Tom Bull, on the runway for Michael Bastian, Fall 2012.

Tom, on the runway for Michael Bastian.  Spring 2013

Despite his incredible success . . . Australian-born Tom Bull is only in his early 20's - in a world where most menswear models only begin to get major work after they've turned 30.  Because . . . in a calculated move . . . Tom stopped shaving.

And thus began his trademark beard.  It immediately gave his blue-eyed, boy-next-door appearance a bit more maturity - and also helped him to become a recognizable figure in the world for men's fashion.

Tom in Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Holiday 2011

Tom in Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Spring 2012

With major runways shows for Michael Bastian . . . and photo shoots for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, and Hugo Boss . . .

Tom Bull, on set for a Hugo Boss photo shoot.

As with so many models (both men and women), it's rare when one begins to notice the character wearing the clothes . . . so keep an eye out for the 'bearded one.'  In spite of his youth . . . he seems to have an amazing future ahead of him.


26 October, 2012

"Holiday Decorating Contest 2012 . . . "


Just to give you all a little preparation time . . . and maybe help you to focus your thoughts over the next 3 or 4 week . . . we are INDEED having the holiday decorating contest here again this year!  If you're a new reader (or just care to reminisce a little) . . . you can take a look at some of our previous year's winning entries here and here.   And, remember - we try to have a bit of fun too . . . like this . . . or this . . . 

I think we have all our judges lined up . . . and the prizes are lining up as well.  

This will be our third year to host this contest . . . and it's all quite simple . . .  first, decorate your house for the holidays.  We're having three different categories again this year:

1)  Dining Table.  (there's NO better time to entertain than during the holiday season . . . so let's see your best table!)

2)  Christmas Tree.  (I love seeing everyone's creativity each year . . . from classic, traditional trees to amazing flights of fancy . . . !)

3)  Front Door / Exterior.  (I thought we'd add this new category this year . . . just to keep things interesting!)

Once you've photographed your place . . . you just email your pictures in to me . . .

I LOVE that you are all so excited about sharing your celebrations with me . . . and with my readers here at tartanscot . . . I try to post as many of the entries as I can during the several weeks that the contest is going on . . .

And once we reach the deadline for entries - all the images go to our panel of judges!  And I have them make all the tough decisions.  

And then the winners are announced - and the winning images are posted here . . . and prizes will be on their way.

Get thinking,

(all images by Nicolas Smith, from a small party at my own home in 2009.)

24 October, 2012

"Antiques in a Modern Home . . . "


A big thank you goes out to California Homes Magazine for including me in their recent editorial surrounding the topic of using antiques in a modern home.  Using a collection of local interior designers - our task was to create a space merging modern design with antiques - I also decided to play around with mixing 'hi' and 'low' merchandise . . .

I imaged a space - maybe on the far wall of an industrial loft . . . concrete floors . . . concrete walls . . . but, the need for a proper desk . . . and a quiet place to gather one's thoughts . . .

"Mixing trade with retail, Scot Meacham Wood paired a wool ikat rug supplied by Stark Carpet with curated objects from Anthem of San Francisco.  He positioned a haunting oil portrait of a gentleman from Antique and Art Exchange with a colorful landscape from Z Gallerie.  An eight-panel folding Coromandel Screen alludes to distant lands while Wood added a touch of his signature tartan with Lee Jofa's "Cecil Plaid" on a red Chippendale style armchair."

Thanks to Stark Carpet, Antique and Art ExchangeLee Jofa, and Anthem.


21 October, 2012

"Sunday Runway, Tied Up . . . "

Wool Knit.


We're gonna keep it kinda simple today.  Partially because I'm still somewhat exhausted from my trip to High Point Market (I'll have a post ready for you next week!) - and partially because often one does not need words when the pictures can do all the work.

So I present to you, for your weekend viewing - fall inspirations - all tied up . . . 

Repp Stripe.

Woven Silk Polka Dot.

Silk Motif. 

Wool Tweed. 

Simple Foulard.

Wool Plaid. 


all images from HERE

19 October, 2012

"Design Camp with Tobi Fairley . . . "


I'm excited to announce that I'll be speaking next month in Arkansas at Tobi Fairley's amazing "Design Camp - from A to Zseminars on November 7th through the 9th!  Tobi, besides being super talented and completely hilarious, may also be one of the smartest business people working in design these days - and always manages to bring together some of the most exciting speakers for her events -

SO . . . also on the bill . . .

"Besides her own amazing career as an interior designer, Amanda has her own line of textiles (available through Holland & Sherry showrooms, Harbinger (L.A.), Travis (ATL), and Tigger Hall (Australia)), a lighting collection with The Urban Electric Co., and two rug collections (!!!).  She’s received a TON of attention around her signature aesthetic, including publication in House BeautifulTraditional HomeVerandaCoastal LivingThe New York TimesThe Washington Post, and Oprah At Home!"

Somehow, and I find this slightly impossible, Amanda and I have never met - so I'm doubly thrilled that she is going to be speaking as well . . . 

"Cheminne is the Vice President of Marketing at the High Point Market Authority.  She has over two decades of experience in home furnishings, as well as experience working with Margaret Russell at Elle Decor. We’re lucky to have her expertise as part of our sessions! Not only is she going to lend us her insights, she’s also looking forward to getting more information on the design side!"

Cheminne and I were together last week at High Point Market - and you should know that we kinda let out a squeal of excitement when we realized that we would both be in Arkansas for Design Camp! 

"Of course you know of Kathryn’s passion for entertaining and for creating and displaying magnificent collections, through her features here on the blog and on the pages of Traditional Home, on Martha Stewart Radio.  Now is your chance to get her expert advice on how and where to find the antique pieces that will make your room look “collected, not decorated.” "

And I'm especially excited to meet Kathryn - we've spoken via email for over a year now . . . comparing notes on dinner parties and holiday decoration - and I have a feeling that we're going to become fast friends! 

To sign-up for the amazing three-day seminar - click HERE -or for more details and information - click HERE.

Getting my Southern accent ready again,

16 October, 2012

"Run. Or Rise . . . "


There's just something so emotionally compelling about seeing the geometric symmetry of a spiral staircase.  Whether they are gently curving up into the heavens . . . or descending into the unknown . . .

I must admit that things are the tiniest bit hectic (and by that, I mean spinning wildly out of control. . . lol) over here around 'the plaid palace.'  But, somehow these images of slow, steady movement and clear, pointed progress are helping to calm my nerves.  Of course, the spectacular woodwork and beautiful flooring aren't hurting my mood either.

Stairs demand progress.  One is not allowed to loiter aimlessly.  One must proceed boldly into the unknown.  And it does not matter if they are leading upwards and downwards, as we are seldom able to see our destination while on the journey.

The structure and design of stairs are often described, architecturally, by the two words 'run' and 'rise.'  The 'run' being the length of the stair tread . . . and the 'rise' being the height up to the next step.  And often in life, those are our two options.  Either we 'run' - flee the stress . . .

Or we rise to the challenge.  Moving forward.  On to the next adventure.

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