29 July, 2013

"Shopping - with 1stDibs . . . "


I know we ALL enjoy a little online shopping!  I've recently partnered with 1stDibs, the best resource for antiques and antique dealers across the US, to search through their entire inventory - and find my favourites.  Together, we've partnered on a Pinterest board to highlight a mixture of my favourite pieces and a few of our projects using antiques within the space.

Have a look - and let me know what your favourite piece is!  You can see them HERE.


23 July, 2013

"The Future King . . . "


I will admit that we do more than our fair share of 'royal-watching' here at SMW Design - to the point that - even though I was working with clients almost the entire day yesterday - we would both cease our discussion of bath fixtures and wall treatments at regular intervals to check in with twitter to see if the new royal had, in fact, been born.

And thusly . . . we raised a toast, with our diet Snapples, in the middle of a bath fixture showroom . . . to the newest English royal.

Now, I'm all on pins and needles waiting to hear the name.  Maybe there's a "Phillip" in there for his great-grandfather.  Or an "Arthur" . . . for a bit a romantic legend.  I'm holding out for "Spencer."

Luckily, he's bound to have at least 4 to 5 names . . . so almost everyone could win the betting pool.

Here are a few more images from The Daily Mail of this morning's introduction to the press!

And I can only assume that Kate's choice of the charming blue and white polka dot dress was an homage to Diana - when she and Charles introduced William in 1982.


15 July, 2013

"Give me an "S" . . . . "


If you're in the bay area this week - I'm partnering with WorkSpace to present a 3-part series of lectures over the summer about my experiences in the design industry.  We start out this Wednesday July 17th with "Better Marketing through Partnerships" . . . or what I've begun calling, "Being Your Own Head Cheerleader!"

We still have a few seats left . . . so click here for more information or to buy your tickets . . .

Rah!  Rah!  Rah!

14 July, 2013

"Sunday Runway - Dsquared2, Spring 2014 . . . "


Now - we usually spend our Sunday focusing on American designers . . . but, I wanted to share some images of the Dsquared2 show Milan.  I would certainly need to cheery-pick through the line . . . but, there are some great pieces in here!

The mood of the show was described as "tiki bar" . . . but, its island touches gave the ensembles a clear point of view- and one could almost feel the ocean breezes and smell the mai tais in the air.

Take a look . . .

The twins Dan and Dean Caten of Dsquared2 for the final bow
escorting the two youngsters.


11 July, 2013

"Variations on an East Hampton Theme . . . "


I had the great pleasure of spending my 4th of July holiday weekend with great clients and friends in the Hamptons last weekend . . . and wanted to share a few pictures from the trip.

We're working on a new residence . . . so unfortunately not many pictures of the new house . . . but, I DID have my iPhone on several early morning runs (well before the oppressive heat set in . . . lol) so there's a few shots taken with slightly sweaty fingers . . . and 70's disco thumping in my ear . . . .

And here's a little evidence of that aforementioned sweaty condition . . . lol.  

It all feels so much more verdant and lush than my usual runs here in SF.   

But, it wasn't all disco music and sprint drills.  I spent an afternoon giving this amazing 
vintage shell mirror a little love . . . and a few fresh new sea creatures.  

And we seemed to spend days carrying around the vintage "Pool" sign . . . until the 
*perfect* spot seemed to just present itself.   

. . . and a tiny bit of partying . . . here with Steven (of Scalamandre Fabrics) and Rich in Water Mill.  

And then, sadly, I was off to JFK for my flight back to SF.  But, no worries - I'll be back!


03 July, 2013

"Happy 4th of July . . . "


I'm heading east for a bit of work . . . and hopefully a healthy helping of celebrating our nation's birthday on Thursday.  So . . . though it's a little in advance, let's hear three cheers for the good ole U. S. of A . . .

Waiting to light my sparklers!
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