"Come in, come in . . . "

Good morning,

You've just walked up to a friend's home for the first time.  You might be there for a dinner party.  Or maybe just for a quick coffee.  You knock, and wait patiently, you can hear footsteps . . . and then the door opens . . . 

"First impressions,"  "best foot forward," and all those other chestnuts.  I love seeing how people design their entryways.  It's the best place to set the tone for the entire home, and not just its style, but also, and more importantly, the sense of hospitality.  

I especially love the simplicity and balance of Adele McGann's entry . . . and I LOVE the bright English wallpaper.
Sometimes, you might be overwhelmed by the size . . . but, you still can feel the warmth and hospitality.
I love the intimate architecture of this home . . . and the welcoming 'open' vista that greets you just inside the front door.

Or maybe we could go a bit grander, like this beautiful entryway from Ralph Lauren's home in Bedford.
and I still love this picture (from one of my own projects in East Hampton).  I wanted to keep everything elegant, but also simple and relaxing as a summer home should be.


Mrs. Blandings said…
I feel like I can feel the breeze in that last house - thanks for giving us a peek at your work.
Anonymous said…
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I have to agree, I think it's the most important part of a home! I would never live in a house or apartment without some sort of foyer or entry hall!
Lovely, lovely! Those first impressions are quite important. Hope you've had a wonderful Monday. Thanks again for your kind message. You're the best, S!
Laura said…
ADORE that last one. Elegant but still accessible.

btw, it's Wednesday. eeeeek.


I especially like what you've done with the entry to your amazing place.


thank you. it remains one of my favourite projects.
Renée Finberg said…
i can't find your email....would email me .

your blog is really 'to die !'

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