06 February, 2020

“In Praise of the Old . . . “

The combination of an almost hundred-year old
house with modern lighting and a late 18th century chest can
sit happily next to contemporary artwork and a mirrored inset.


People often comment on the warmth and history in many of the rooms I design.  That my rooms feel lived in.  That my spaces have soul. It is always a remarkable compliment that our projects feel collected and acquired - more than purchased.  Even though, quite often, the entire contents of the home arrived on the same truck on the same day.

From our Showcase House is High Point
last autumn, modern floor coverings from Stark
and some of our newest textiles and wallpapers
from SMW Home marry beautifully with
antique dining chairs and sideboard.

So . . . you might very well ask - what’s your secret?  Well usually, it's a healthy dose of antiques!  

 Loving this combination of an antique settee
with the modern artwork and accessories.
The original woodwork from the house is
glorious - and the restrained sisal runner
is another marvelous contrast.

First of all, we love when we are able to use existing pieces that our clients own to use in their newly designed space.  I really get excited when we're able to take an existing family heirloom and reupholster it to become part of a newly-designed space.   

Is there anything more iconic than an antique Enhlish
desk and armchair to bring some depth to this modern
condo here in San Francisco? 

A bit of Tartanware furniture - dating from the late 1800's
makes the perfect addition to this guest bedroom
at our project in Colorado.
We also shop for antiques as well.  Antiques create 'soul' in a new home . . . and we use everything from high-end antique shops to online resources and flea markets!  

 Loving the mixture of the modern artwork and
seating - with this marvelous antique Spanish
table in a library space.

Do you use antiques in your home?  Tell me what you have found that works for you!


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