11 December, 2019

“Christmas Dinner for Two . . . “

One of Drew's collection of vintage London Owl Company 
owls does duty - guarding the dessert service! 


Each and every year I want our holiday celebration (and decorations) to feel new and fabulous.  This year . . . I kind of created a back-story.  Since the room where we have the tree is somewhat formal . . . and wanted the decorations to feel especially wild and 'fresh-from-the-forest.'  

Our tree (though purchased at one of our local tree-lots just by the house!) was filled with over-sized pinecones and numerous vining berries and five or six kinds of evergreen branches.  Very of early in the planning stages, I decided not to put *any* ornaments in the tree.  If I couldn't find it in the woods - I did't want to use it.

For the table . . . it was another mixture of old and new.  I truly wanted to use pieces from my Mother's collection of Rose Medallion China (which she collected her entire life!) and a few vintage pieces of my Blackwatch china mixed in.  Pinks and amethysts and Grandmother's sterling certainly gave our dinner table a particular family glow!

I also wanted to debut one of my new textiles - Staveley Park Trellis - this year.  It was inspired by Mother's china pattern - and certainly brought a fresh point of view to the room!  

I hope you're having a incredible season . . . and thank you for taking a few moment to share mine.

Happy Christmas,


Ron said...

Stunning! Absolutely stunning! Merry Christmas!

Jen Lawrence said...

Magnificent! Bravo.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Thank you! Happy Christmas to you as well!

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Thank you!

tammy j said...

you never disappoint!
a great picture of you both too!
Merriest Christmas dear Scot.

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