19 December, 2019

"And the Winner Is . . . "


I cannot begin to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity in sending in so many beautiful pictures of their homes this Christmas season.  I've had a chance to share some of them here - but frankly - it was amazingly overwhelming.  

But, I suspect you've come here to find out the winners . . . 

So . . . away we go . . .

Front Door

Brian Branton - from Alexandria, Virginia 

You can follow Brian's beautiful home
on Instagram - HERE

Dining Room

Tommy Bader - from Rye, New York

Please feel free to follow Tommy Bader HERE.

Christmas Tree

This year . . . we had our very first 'tie' in any category!  
So, I'm pleased to announce TWO winners . . . 

 Shirley Stankus - from Chapel Hill, NC

And you should follow Shirley in Instagram HERE.

And -
Brian Branton, from Alexandria, Virginia 

Congratulations to everyone!  And a special thank you to our celebrity judging committee . . . Shay Geyer, Benjamin Reynaert, Michael Devine, Sophie Donelson, and Danielle Rollins.  

Happy Christmas y'all . . . 


Unknown said...

At least I tried! And it was fun and creative and exciting! Thank you!

Jen Lawrence said...

What stunning doors and rooms. People are so creative.

Merlin said...

Just WOW!! Old Town Alexandria, VA this time of year is just a Christmas Story in itself!! It is just lovely!! CONGRATULATIONS to ALL! franki

Karenjo said...

So much beauty and inspiration. Many thanks!

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