“SMW Home Autumn 2019 - A Highland Romance . . . “


Every time we've worked on a new textile collection . . . once my inspiration gears begin spinning there's no telling quite where we sometimes end up!  Everything inspires me.  An old textile.  A picture from my parents house.  Even a musty, old movie.  Once I decide to open those gates - it never ceases to amazing me what comes flooding through.

For Autumn of 2019, I became fascinated by romance.  Especially those slightly star-crossed lovers who might not look like the best match as the story begins.  Heathcliffe and Cathy.  Mr. Rochester and Jane.  Darcy and Elizabeth.

I started toying with the idea of bringing a collection of dark, broody highland tartans together with a softer (but, still very headstrong) feminine linen floral.  We worked with an interesting pallete of navy, chestnut, and ochre . . . and began plotting out a little narrative that our textiles could take part in.  Patterns that clearly belong together . . . but, also stand on their own as individuals.  Like any good marriage, I wanted to create strong personalities (and strong patterns) that clearly enhance each other. 

So meet us back here in October as we debut SMW Home's "A Highland Romance" collection of textiles and wallcoverings.  I guarantee some drama  . . . with a proper dose of romance.

In the meantime - check out our exciting colourful collection from this Spring! 



Merlin said…
If anyone can do it...you're the one! franki

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