"Meanwhile, Back at The Abbey - Lady Edith . . . "


A bit of a confession, Lady Edith might be my favourite.  Admittedly - in the early seasons - she was a bit of a comic villain - quietly twirling her mustache making certain that her older sister life would be ruinous.  She ratted out her sister Mary to the Turkish government - when all she had done is have premarital sex with their ambassador - and then have him die in Mary's bed.  She had a brief fling with the farmer Mr Drake - where she also learned to drive a tractor!  Her next beau, Micheal Gregson, both got her pregnant and THEN was killed by the Nazis . . . !  She was swept away to 'the continent' for just about 9 months . . . and returned with her 'ward.'  She brought Marigold into the nursery at the house . . . and seemed to decide that she had a life of spinsterhood ahead of her.  And somewhere in there, she was also left at the altar by a aged bounder.

The last season brought the incredibly kind Bertie Pelham - who turns out to be The Marquess of Hexham.  Who wouldn't immediately marry any gentleman who says, "Would you believe me if I said I couldn't live without you?"

Who could have guessed that Edith would be the lady who outrank all the other members of her family . . . !


Be sure to see "Downton Abbey" coming to theaters on September 20th. 


tammy j said…
she falls into that classic English beauty.
flawless fair skin and serene look that is gently compelling. and timeless.
I think she might be my favorite too actually. there was great courage there.
thank you for this wonderful series!
can't wait for the movie. just watched a retrospective of Downton Abby on PBS hosted by "Mister Carson" :)

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