16 April, 2019

"Where Do You Summer (Tartan) . . . ?"


I've been super busy over the last several months - and I'm excited to share a few new treasures that we've created here at Scot Meacham Wood Home.  We've been importing classic Scottish wool tartans for many years - including some of our exciting custom tartans that I began creating right from the very beginning.  But, I wanted to expand the idea of highland tartans a wee bit.  

So . . . I began to imagine what I could find to bring to the conversation that was new and different.  So . . . I'm delighted to announce our new SMW Home Summer Tartan Collection.

I first started with the idea of bringing something more modern to our collection - and answer that unending question, "Do you have anything that isn't wool?"  So, now yes we do!  These are all printed on a cotton/linen - and feel as bright and breezy as a summer picnic.

Blackhall Manor Tartan, Wilcox Tartan, Donovan Tartan, 
Rutherford Tartan, Rex Tartan, and Mulcaster Tartan

So take a look at our entire new collection!  And let me know which of our new patterns is your favourite.  



Merlin said...

"Dress Donovan" just a wee more than the others. franki

Notes From ABroad said...

Rutherford and Louisford are my favorites.
Today :)
I am moving house again soon so I will be back to this in a few months...you have inspired me.

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