20 January, 2016

"Will the Real SMW Please Stand Up . . . "

So this is NOT John Ambrosio
but, in fact, me and Christian.


Here's how yesterday started out.  There's little more disturbing than finding out that someone is using your images to promote their own business.  It's a bit more creepy to discover that someone is using your headshots to swindle nice ladies out of their savings.  

And THAT seems to be what this 'gentleman' is up to.  He's built a website (two in fact that I've found thus far) showing himself as a successful architect - and then asking for loans from people that he's met on dating websites.

 And there's a whole pile of my friends here - Paulo (who is actually THIS amazing designer and friend) - and Jane, your friendly customer service person looking amazing in orange, is actually THIS amazing designer and good friend)

So, I'm kinda flattered.  And kinda annoyed.  And kinda amused. 



Rita C. said...

That is just too creepy! But I can certainly see why he'd use your profile rather than his own.

tammy j said...

i'm not amused.
you're far more gracious than I would be i'm afraid.
it's larceny of a sort.
pitiful that he feels the need to steal someone else's persona.
of course he's trying to steal your accomplishments as well.
I agree too with rita!
you're far more handsome... and gifted of course!
and you've worked hard to be where you are.
he needs to wake up and smell the coffee. lazy lout.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

That's really awful... It is good you know about it at least;)

Cheryl said...

How awful! Isn't there something you can do to stop him? You, sir, are a gentleman(and quite the looker :). He certainly is not!!!! I hope you can fix this. Well, hope you have a good weekend anyway....

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