29 January, 2016

"Colour Inspiration - SMW Home's Leland Tartan . . . "

artwork by Kazuo Shiraga


As soon as I began the work on our new textile collection several years ago, I started hording away any and every image that inspired me.  Even without thinking of a clear path to its usefulness, they began to litter my pinterest page and the bulletin boards in our offices.  Sometimes it was just a colour.  Sometimes the interplay between colours.  I even found a posting from late 2013 - although somewhat cryptic - that was actually some early scheming for this collection.

So . . . enjoy a wee peek behind my creative process . . .

This almost feel Druid.  Which always makes me happy.

I think I've had this tucked away for YEARS . . . 

One of my clients collects vintage automobiles - so these images are always kicking around

Verdant Scotland is always a good place to begin thinking . . . 

So what did this all turn in to you might ask?  Just a little tartan that I named after my grandfather - and one of my favourites from our new collection . . . 

Now that everything is beginning to settle down a bit - I'll try to bring you more of the inspirations behind many of our new textiles.  



Merlin said...

The epitome of a "good eye!!" franki

tammy j said...

oh my goodness.
never a disappointment.
but sometimes you outdo yourself.

Karena Albert said...

This is one of my favorites as well, Scot. Love these rich saturated colors!

The Arts by Karena

Dean Farris said...


Thanks for sharing.

Dean Farris

Cameo said...

This is positively smashing in every way! A fabulous creation to say the least!

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