17 September, 2015

"Inspiration Point - Ward Denton . . . "

The home of Ward Denton and Christopher Gardner
from Elle Decor 2002


You know that silly thing that happens right after a really good first date.  When it's just the flurry of excitement - and you already know what you're going to name the dog that you're going to get as a couple.  

Well, it happens in design too. 

We're just starting a new project - and we've barely even had a proper meeting.  But, my mind is already racing with ideas.  And almost immediately - this bedroom from Ward Denton jumped to mind.  

Reserved.  Detailed.  Gentlemanly.  



Merlin said...

I like Denton for a dog's name...and, that bedroom...I LUV!! franki

Karena Albert said...

Oh yes,love this room Scot! All that you described!

The Arts by Karena
Featuring India Hicks

Reggie Darling said...

Hello Scott,
I now own the large portrait of the man featured in this photo of Mr. Denton's bedroom. It hangs in the hall of my Manhattan apartment. I bought the painting from Mr. Gardner at a Rhinebeck Antiques fair ten or so years ago, and it is one of my favorite paintings. It is fun to see it here on your blog.

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