12 March, 2015

"SMW Design Proudly Announces . . . "


We here at SMW Design are delighted to announce our participation in the expansion of our Ronald McDonald House at Stanford.

Ronald McDonald House at Stanford continues to see an overwhelming number of families requesting a place to stay. This home-away-from-home is full nearly every night of the year, forced to turn away families in need. Additionally, families are staying longer amounts of time. Medical advances and innovative research are allowing doctors to treat and save children who were once thought terminal and perform more sophisticated procedures in outpatient settings, which require young patients to stay in close proximity to the hospital.

The House now offers families so much more than its founders could have hoped for, it’s more than a room with a shower and a bed. The program offerings at the House have grown exponentially and make a huge impact in creating the community environment that supports these families. Together it all makes Ronald McDonald House at Stanford the place “where hope has a home.”

We consider this a huge honor to be associated with such an amazing facility - and we are completely humbled by the heartwarming stories of the families using Ronald McDonald House at Stanford every day.  Stay tuned for more information . . . 



Karena Albert said...

Congratulations and Bravo Scot, for assisting in this most needed venture!It is a way of giving back that means the world to an organization like Ronald McDonald House.

The Arts by Karena

Karen said...

What a great thing for SMW to be involved with and such a wonderful cause.

Diane Haynie said...

A worthy cause. I volunteer at the Children's Hospital here in San Diego where we have a Ronald Mcdonald center as well. Looking forward to seeing your designs. Congratulations!

Merlin said...

Honors!! franki

tammy j said...

oh scot!
i'm as proud as your mother must be. an honor. and a mark of your standing as a wonderful man.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Congratulations! How wonderful that your beautiful designs are going to make people feel a little better during their bad times

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