09 March, 2015

"Inspiration Point - Gallery Wall . . . "


After what has been a long break - I'm actually re-discovering my love of Pinterest!  Maybe it's because we're starting to shoot imagery for SMWHome . . . maybe it's because it's a great place to noodle around in the evenings before bed . . . maybe it's just a simple banquet of delightful images to inspire me.

But - I thought I'd share a few of my favourites here . . . and keep this conversation going as well.

I LOVE this bedroom.  I love the colours.  I love the restrained use of pattern (WHO thought I'd ever say THAT!).  And, clearly, I love the artwork.



Karena Albert said...

A great gallery wall Scot and I love the layering!

The Arts by Karena

MindingShop said...

I want that blanket...!!
David Fuller

Merlin said...

What IS IT about stripes??? Can't get enough!!! franki

Elizabeth said...

It's a Pendleton blanket - Heroic Chief.


Diane Haynie said...

All it needs is a plaid pillow on the bed!

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