01 December, 2015

"Christmas at SMW Design . . . "


We're finally pulling into the proper Holiday season - and I wanted to share a few images I took last night at our new offices here at the San Francisco Design Center.  We moved into our new digs in early October - and we only have a few boxes left to unpack!

After my many years at Ralph Lauren - I truly missed being able to design and install 'windows' for the Christmas season - luckily our new home has a proper window display space - and I've been plotting these window from practically the first day we moved in . . .

It's not quite the drama of the unveiling of the Bergdorf windows . . . but come . . . join in a bit of holiday cheer from SMW Design and SMW Home . . . 

 We are ALL about colour and pattern this year!
An antique Georgian Secretary was the perfect centerpiece for the
window - and the Schumacher wallpaper creates such an amazing, vibrant

I also took advantage of our lovely products from SMW Home
to create something truly special . . . like our Meacham Tartan Decorative

Since everyone deserves some holiday cheer - I wanted to add one of our

I'm still at that marvelous point in creating SMW Home where I've hand-selected
practically every single piece in the collection - from a Vintage Child's Sporran to
an assortment of English Biscuit Barrels - and even a few pieces of framed Artwork.

For the trees ('cause one always needs as many Christmas trees as one can get!) - it was a 
mixture of vintage tartan ornaments with faux flowers and fruit. 

And what window display would be complete without a few pieces of
Antique Tartanware in the mix.  I love this copy of the works of Sir Walter Scott
bound in Antique Tartanware

Thanks for stopping by our wee Christmas display - and I hope you're already having an amazing holiday season!



Dean Farris said...


Karen said...

I love the layers, I could look at this for hours.

Merlin said...

You NEVER CEASE to AMAZE!!! Looking at Holiday Christmas windows IS my delight!!! franki

tammy j said...

exquisite taste.
a blend of coziness and complete elegance.
your mom and i are so proud of you! LOLOL!

Debra Phillips said...

takes my breath away........

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

I really enjoy how you've used yellow but still made it feel cosy and full of the vibrancy I usually expect from red and green in holidays displays... I've always liked Elizebthan use of fruits for holidays decor... I always think oranges... but the lemons with the tartan... yes please!

Not crazy about the wallpaper, but it does "young" up the more traditional elements... I suppose I am too much of a traditionalist at heart.... I want my wallpaper and aged and almost crumbling ;) not bright and new and vibrant lines.

COngratualtions on your first window dedicated to your own brand, and may the new year bring many more to come.

Karena Albert said...

Scot, Your Holiday window is gorgeous and I am sure your new shop is as well. I want it all of course!!

The Arts by Karena
Books for the Holidays!.

pamelak said...

I just want to sit in your rooms with a cup of tea and gaze awhile! Thank you for sharing.

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