10 July, 2014

"#TBT - Ward Denton . . . "

Glen Feshie Lodge Scotland, Denton/Gardner Design


This one's actually kinda funny.  I was once again surfing through some of my early posts and ran across this missive on the amazing work for New York interior designer (and fellow Ralph Lauren refugee!) Ward Denton.  I vividly remember the evening when I first wrote this.  I don't quite remember what had first drawn be to this google "image search" - but, I recall looking up from my computer screen only to notice that it was something like 2am.

As I began to pull this post together for our "#TBT" posts . . . I thought I would poke around and see if I could find any additional images of Ward's work . . . and once again . . . I looked up to see that it was 1am.  lol.

"And . . . Right Down the Rabbit Hole . . . "
Jan. 29, 2010


There are always those very specific places that remind you of very specific people. And walking through the Ralph Lauren store (at Madison and 72nd) last week during my trip to New York always brings back memories of the amazingly talented Ward Denton.

Ward was the creative director for Ralph Lauren/Madison Avenue when I was working in creative services in California - and I can still remember waiting to see those first images of a new window change, or home collection installation that always bore the mark of Ward's detailed genius. And if that wasn't enough - he collected tartanware boxes as well.

The home of Ward Denton and Christopher Gardner

And I was SO delighted when the home that he shared with Christopher Gardner was featured in Elle Decor in early 2002. His great style and panache clearly translated easily into his warm, comfy home.

such great playfulness.

Such great style.
(I love the paint colour(!) and the miles of Bennison Stripe textile)

So, of course, tonight I've been searching far and wide - throughout what seems to be a large portion of the internet - looking for images of Ward's work. And with very little success. But, thankfully, here's another obvious favourite. Possibly one of my favourite projects I've seen anyone do : The Glen Feshie Lodge in Scotland, designed of Denton/Gardner.

Someday, when I grow up - I want this dining room.

I'm still trying to catch-up after a long week away from the office . . . I have a sneaking feeling that the next few day are going to be more 'work' than 'weekend.'



Andrew Monastero said...

It is 12 years since the Ellie magazine spread and the style and detail is as current as if it was done yesterday. Mr. Denton was a incredible designer.
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Karena Albert said...

Scot, I love Denton's design aesthetic and of course can see your connection to it. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images!

The Arts by Karena

Karen said...

That feature, all those years ago, is still one of my all time favorites! I kept the complete article. You've shared some other images that I hadn't seen before. Ward Denton is so talented and it's fun to see his home.

lsellers said...

These images are wonderful and timeless. Publishers, please give us more of Denton's work. I would buy his book. And yours, too, Scot!

Nancy said...

I have so enjoyed this post and seeing more of this designers work. Thank you for putting it together and sharing!

Nancy's Daily Dish

shiree segerstrom said...

Loved the living and dining rooms in this post. His name didn't sound familiar but I recognized the rooms. Scot, would love to see an article by you on your days at Ralph Lauren...some highs and lows. That would be great fun, and in your inimitable writing style. Hugs, Shiree'

Jennings and Gates said...

Ward Denton has created some of my favorite rooms ever. Thank you for the great posts! xo, N.G.

Reggie Darling said...

Hello SMW -- The portrait that Denton once owned, of the bespectacled man sitting in the chair in the yellow bedroom, is currently hanging on the wall of my city apartment living room, but four feet from my shoulder as I type this comment! I bought it from Christopher Gardner at an antiques show five or so years ago in Rhinebeck, New York, where he had a booth one autumn. I love it, and enjoyed coming across an image of it here in this story. Thanks, Reggie

Michael Muller said...

Ward was a old dear friend. It brough such wonderful memories to see the apartment I spent many splendid days in. I am so glad I found your blog. Michael Muller

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