01 July, 2014

"Q&A with SMW - Entertaining Outdoors . . . "

Photo: Nicolas Smith; Courtesy of Scot Meacham Wood (headshot)


With the 4th of July coming up this week - it feels like we're just in time to start thinking about some serious outdoor entertaining.  I had the chance to chat about this a bit on House Beautiful's ongoing Q&A w/ SMW series - 

Q: "What are your best tips for outdoor entertaining?"  —Stacy L.

SMW Design, East Hampton NY
A: Stacy, 

Lately we seem to be getting an unusual number of outdoor-related questions from folks. I'm going to chalk it up to the aftermath of the long, national nightmare we experienced this year that's known as "The Winter of 2014!"
As we move into the proper summer months, I think heading outside to entertain is the best idea. Here are a few of my favorite guidelines for outdoor entertaining: 

1. Just because we're outside doesn't mean we have to be casual!
Entertaining outside doesn't have to mean paper plates and disposable table linens. For me, nothing says "We've invited you over to join us" more than beautiful china, etched glassware, and monogrammed table linens. Entertaining is all about hospitality and making your guests feel special. Every time you entertain, you should strive to create an amazing, magical evening that your guests will always remember.

2. A flower for every place.
Since we have to deal with forces of nature outside (like wind), instead of doing a large display in the center of the table, sometimes I like to use smaller arrangements of flowers at each place setting. Vintage mint julep cups are a great option for small personal arrangements. You could tuck a name card into the flowers and let your guests take them home as a memento of the evening.

For the rest of my advice - check out the entire article here


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