29 June, 2014

"Sunday Runway - Scarred . . . "

Ollie Edwards for Ralph Lauren 


We're going to re-visit our ongoing series "Model Behavior" today on Sunday Runway - and check in with the always chic Ollie Edwards from London.  Unlike the ladies of modeling - often the guys go un-named - and thusly unknown.  Let's try and fix that a bit.

You might easily recognize Ollie from his years of work with Ralph Lauren . . . but, besides his icy good looks . . . he's often more well-known for his scar . . .

He has joked in several interviews about the details of the scar . . . but, will usually fess up to the facts of the injury.

" . . . As to how he got his infamous scar? He reveals 
as a child when he was about four years old, he 
used to have a slip-and-slide in their back garden.  
He was going down and went over a chipped stone 
and it sliced him up on the stomach. But when 
strangers asked him about his scar, he would 
always say he was cut by a Samurai sword. 
It's much cooler."

for Hackett of London. 

for Ralph Lauren 2014. 

For GQ Magazine, 2014 

on the runway for Nautica. 

Fall Ralph Lauren Purple Label.
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Karena Albert said...

So very good looking, the perfect model for our mens' fashion designers.

The Arts by Karena

liparifam said...

Goodness - gorgeous photos - especially the last one!

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