19 February, 2014

"Patrick's Note Pad - 'Bobeche' . . . "


Let's take a few moments and pick apart the mechanics of a chandelier.  The word "bobeche" is what we're looking for.

See it there on the left hand side?  It's the little cup at the base of the candle.  It's usefulness is a hold-over from an earlier time when the bobeche would catch dripping wax from the burning candles.  In modern pieces, especially in the crystal fixtures, they are also used to hang decorative prisms.  As a more decorative element, it is also used at the top of the fixture - just below the mounting "hanger loop."

Next stop - home security for the letter "c."



Magnaverde said...

I was only twelve when I got interested in interior decorating--back then, nobody called it interior design--but it wasn't till I was in college that a bobeche even registered with me. I went over to vist my brother at the U of I in Champaign and my grandmother drove over from Danville to meet us for dinner at the Colonial Room in Illini Union. It was done in the style of about 1760, and all in green--green Chinoiserie wallpaper, green curtains, green pelmets, green tapes on the Venetian blinds--except for a single note of contrast: the chandeliers' bobeches were made of glowing red-violet glass. Mies was right: God is in the details.

Kathryn said...

Well you learn something new every day. Thanks for adding bobeche to my vocabulary. I look forward to the upcoming posts in this series!

Brillante Interiors said...

In so many moves around countries I am sorry to say I have lost a few "bobeche".
Love this article.

Merlin said...

You know, I use mine for "lots of things"...they hold decorated eggs at Easter, Christmas ornaments, candles to catch wax, etc. Luv my bobeche! franki

Suzie said...

I work for a small interior design business in PA. Let me tell you that we all swooned when we saw this room!! It's been saved as our favorite but we wish we could see a pic of the whole room. Oh, and the lesson on the bobeche was informative, but...oh, that room!!!

Suzie & Quentin

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