15 October, 2013

"Oh. Canada . . . "

Image from Rowell Photography


Let's just keep moving on this kinda fun 'I'm-loving-everything-fallish-right-now' series. We always have a notoriously chilly summer here in SF - it's not like I ever pack away the cashmere sweaters or light-weight jackets.  Except in the early fall.  We tend to get a sharp slap in the face of Summer weather in early-mid September that, regardless of the fact that it happens every year, still catches me off-guard.  Blessedly, the indian summer has passed - and it's back to sleeping in sweaters and listening to the sound of fog horns in the morning before I get up for work.  It's Fall.  Properly.

Though my Scottish heritage is better known - I also have a bit of Canada in me as well.  In fact, I was born there - while my father was stationed in Ottawa for the US Air Force.  Though my deepest love will always be for the tartans and tweeds of my ancestral Scotland . . . I also get a bit giddy when I see the iconic Hudson Bay blanket.   (I'm not sure we can rack it *all* up to genetics - but, let's start with that - lol.)  I first came to know it from the classic men's jacket, I also love its decorative use within the home even better.  The perfect way to signal the beginning of the season.

So from the layered warmth of the Hudson Bay coat . . .

. . . to these stylish and romantic uses of the classic Hudson Bay stripe in decorating . . .

from Vogue.  photography by Jason Busch.

from Country Living (photography by Jonny Valiant.

Even Flatly, of Dallas.  from Apartment Therapy. 

Nancy Boszhardt for House Beautiful 
(photography by John Kemick)

Calvert Wright for Elle Decor (photography by Roger Davies)



therelishedroost said...

That poor blanket I received as one of my wedding gifts 20 years ago, and its been on beds, in back of cars, used as a picnic blanket, and now the darn dogs have it!! I guess I should clean it up and display again!
Wonderful post!

Karen said...

Great post. There is definitely something so classic and yet basic about the Hudson Bay blanket. I'm completing the latest Louise Penny book which takes place in Montreal/Quebec...I've had the itch to visit these places.
Happy fall, officially.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I absolutely love the Hudson blanket as curtains! xx

Ryan Rowell said...

Hey Scott,

Quick note on the first image of your post using the couple in the boat. While I know its next to impossible to track where that image got into the wild, I am trying to see to it the link backs are all taken care of as you have done with the other images in your post. Would be be kind enough to either credit with link the first image back to its original author of http://www.rowellphoto.com "Rowell Photography" or remove the image.

All the best
Ryan Rowell

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