02 October, 2013

"Kiss Me . . . and Smile for Me . . . "


Well . . . it's not unusual for me to have slightly over-scheduled meetings on any given week - but, for some delightfully odd reason - this week's meetings didn't ever quite decide on a specific coast.  If at any point you see a tall gentleman in a tartan blazer dashing through an airport - it's likely to be me.

So . . . I'm off to the airport again today for another (yes, my second this week) trip to the east coast.

I hope I can get some peanuts on the plane.



Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Good luck with your travels and meetings!

Merlin said...

I hope it's NOT D.C....not a "pleasant place" at the moment...Safe trip! franki

Chez Laurel said...

Just to say that I really liked your allusion to "Leaving on a jet plane"...nice memories of that sweet song...

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