10 October, 2013

"Charlotte Moss and House Beautiful . . . "


Two great tastemakers . . . that go great together - House Beautiful and Charlotte Moss.  The first - one of our nation's preeminent shelter magazines.  The second - one of our nation's preeminent interior designers.  And coming soon to your mailbox and newsstand, the November issue of House Beautiful with "Pop-Up Editor" Charlotte Moss.

I was delighted to be included at a small breakfast event - hosted at Charlotte's home in Manhattan - to preview the issue and hear a bit of the 'behind the scenes' excitement when Charlotte came into the magazine for a month.   Newell Turner, Hearst Design Group's Editorial Director, spoke about why he though Charlotte would be the perfect for the issue . . .

Newell Turner, Hearst Publishing Design Groups Editorial Director. 

“Charlotte is more than just one of the leading interior designers of our time, she's a tastemaker among all the greats of the present and past. I've seen her captivate audiences with her insight and wisdom. She connects with people in a way that I knew would bring special meaning to this issue of House Beautiful. The issue is quintessential House Beautiful, spiced and and infused with Charlotte’s passions and interests.”

Guest Editor Charlotte Moss

 "As a designer, I feel pretty strongly that as we are creating a room, we should be thinking about how we will live in it, how it will work, be inviting, have pizzazz, be sexy, have atmosphere. I am thinking about that at home all the time. So, the ‘Art of Living’ became my natural theme: inviting spaces that look good, smell good, feel fabulous, say 'come on in stay awhile,' have a drink, read a book, let's cook up a meal.....whatever it is, it is about a home that is pleasing on every sensory level, and one where everyone wants to be.”  - Charlotte Moss

Charlotte, a well-know collage enthusiast, also created a secondary cover specifically for this special issue.  I'm excited to get my own copy just so I can explore the lovely artwork for the trail of clues to Charlotte's inspiration for the issue.  

here's a closer look . . . 

And here's Newell, Charlotte, and Shax Riegler (House Beautiful's executive editor) with the cover of November's issue.
So . . . watch your mailbox for the upcoming issue . . . and submerge yourself.  Charlotte and HB.  The Reese's Peanutbutter Cup of design perfection.



Karena said...

Scott thank you so much for the heads up this will be a keeper of course!!
Charlotte is on of our design icons!

Art by Karena

Danielle said...

I JUST finished browsing my copy and thought--I love that Charlotte is such a big part of this issue! Perfect timing on your post!

I've been getting House Beautiful since I was a teenager to I agree that they are a perfect pairing.

And was Newell as charming as he appears? I love his editor page and the little assemblage of whatnots in the photos.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Anxiously waiting for my issue to arrive...love, love Charlotte Moss!!!

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