27 February, 2011

"L.A. Story - Mary McDonald . . . "

Mary McDonald, for House Beautiful
(photography by Robert Trachtenberg)


Our tour of some of my favourite LA designers continues with this chic home in the Hollywood Hills by Los Angeles designer - Mary McDonald.  Basically a simple bachelor pad - but with incredible style and elegant details - from House Beautiful.


images from House Beautiful. Photography by Robert Trachtenberg.


JWC said...

This is amazing- I love the bedroom with the folding screen and bust

Unknown said...


These are some hues. It all works because there is lots of light in the rooms here. Very rich.

Enjoy the Blog Conference and Oscar afterglow in the city.


Francine Gardner said...

Like the dark masculine feel of the bedroom

Karena said...

Scot, really love the 2 chairs in front of the bookcase... the symetry is wonderful!

I have a wonderful offering on my site!

Art by Karena

quintessence said...

Fabulous house. Love her designs because they are so layered - so much to look at and enjoy!!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Your not kidding...I could serioisly move right in!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are featuring this space! I am using this as inspiration for my new place.

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