11 October, 2009

"What a Swell Weekend It Was . . . "

Nathan Turner's shop in West Hollywood


As a song once asked, "How can I begin . . . " to tell of my most wonderful weekend in Los Angeles. Great weather. Great old friends. Great new friends. Great parties. Great memories.

Thursday morning started early, with a 5:30am car waiting to take me to the airport for a 7am flight. But an early start was needed - for I had one busy day ahead of me.

As soon as I landed in LA, I gave a quick call to Megan (from beachbungalow8) as we had planned to meet for breakfast. We've been chatting by email forever, met ever so briefly here in SF a few months ago, but never had an opportunity to really talk. I guess the good news is - the restaurant wasn't very busy - because we talked for so long that breakfast had turned into lunch before we knew it . . . lol. It was like chatting with someone I'd know all my life. These 'blog' relationships can be quite amazing. Thanks Megan for spending so much of your day entertaining me.

Aaron Stewart (creative director for SFERRA Linens), Kelly Wearstler,
Scot Meacham Wood, and Ronda Rice Carman (from AlltheBest Blog)

Thursday evening was the SFERRA "Lose Count"/All the Best Blog Cocktail party - with special guest, Kelly Wearstler - held at Nathan Turner's charming shop in West Hollywood. It was such a great space - filled with wonderful furniture, great textiles, and everything for the home (and a huge crowd of people!) - and featuring the new collection of bedding from SFERRA by Kelly Wearstler.

And clearly, any party hosted by the always gracious blogger Ronda Rice Carman, would, of course, have more than a fair number of bloggers present. The photo below only proves the point. It was so great to meet so many people in person that I've only known 'online.'

Christian (from Maison21), myself (from the blog you're reading),
and Jill (the LA corespondent from Material Girls)
(image from Maison21)

Kelly Wearstler's line for SFERRA Linens.

But, fair reader, the weekend had just begun. Friday was spent catching up with old friends (thanks for lunch Patrick!) and old co-workers, some shopping in Beverly Hills (Yay Barneys!), and enjoying the beautiful southern California weather. And glad of the fact that I had a convertible.

And Saturday? Well, Saturday was a well-needed day of relaxing.

Not at a spa.

Not at a museum.

Splash Mountain, post-splash.

But, at Disneyland.

Sometimes, you need to let your inner-child run around and ride roller coasters all day.

Somewhat fearful of tomorrow's workload,


Cote de Texas said...

Congrats!!!!! so glad you had fun, and won too! but disneyland!!! wow!! you are so darling.

tartanscot said...

thanks Joni - I'm a firm believer that life is all about working hard and having a good time.

working hard? check.
good time? check.

ALL THE BEST said...

So happy you were there! What a great weekend!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Your jacket is the most fabulous thing I've seen in a while.

p.s. Isn't Megan the best?

tartanscot said...

yes, mrs blandings, yes she is.

beachbungalow8 said...

*blushing* Scot, what a fun time I had with you! poor thing literally spent all day with me (except when he had to go check in to his hotel) He's not mentioning that we ended up having a second meal together-late night dinner after the party. A testimony to what an amazing guy he is.

MIMILEE said...

FABULOSITY!!! With all caps!!

Love, love your hot pink jacket...what a statement you made!!

I also love that you went to Disneyland!! Too cute!

Congrats again on your honour....I would love to chill in your comfy bedroom and read a delicious novel....just beautiful!

Homer's Odd Isn't He. said...

Great to see more bloggers getting together. Looks like a great time. Cheer's Homer.

katiedid said...

What a great weekend!!!! Your bedroom was a shoe-in....you met some a+ bloggers!! AND DISNEYLAND?! One of my favorite places on earth.

Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

Hi Scot! It was great meeting you at last week's event! Hopefully, we'll meet up again "the bevy of bloggers" at a future event...or just future SF/LA trips! Keep in touch, Jill.

red ticking said...


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