24 October, 2009

"Snuggled . . . "

Good Morning all,

After another busy week - my hope is to spend a goodly portion of the weekend curled up in the bed with some old movies, multiple pots of English Breakfast tea, and a pile a new design books that arrived this week. ( oooo . . . and my freshly autographed copy of Scott Schuman's new book from his blog - "the sartorialist." just wonderful.)

So in celebration of the aforementioned plan for the weekend, I thought I'd share a few bedrooms that are clearly worthy of a multi-day retreat from the frenzied world outside.

One could always spend the weekend lavished in Italian glory in the spare, but glamorous spaces from John Saladino.

Or maybe something more clean and masculine from James Marzo?

Or I could revisit some of my southern heritage from Cathy Kincaid or Tino Zervudachi with these sweeping rooms filled with perfect light and easy style.

Maybe something a bit more romantic ?

Mmmmmmm . . . the options are, literally, endless.

I hope your weekend has such simple plans as well,


Cote de Texas said...

we've been browsing on the same web sites. love saladino. the best. ever.

Debra Phillips said...

hmmmm, gorgeous but.........still love your bedroom as seen from rhonda carmen's contest.


tartanscot said...

Debra -

aw . . . thanks !

Things That Inspire said...

I am about to press order on a batch of new design books - any recommendations? Style by Saladino is my favorite design book, period. I am ordering Villa. Also, Rose Tarlow, Suzanne Kasler, Axel, Michael Smith, Parisian interiors (Elle Decor). Shall I add any others to the list?

Jackie Von Tobel said...

Great examples! Love bedrooms ~ I just finished drawing 1500 of them in my new book. The Saladino is my fave.

Empress of The Eye said...

The luxury of having a bed "float" in the room to me is the pip! Mr. S does it so well...

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